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A brief description of the characters and their motives (as described by the players):

Stoic Oakson - Keith
Stoic Oakson is a foundling, discovered as small child sleeping under the Great Oak by Master Rask.
Master Rask, head of the Order of the Rein, took young Stoic in and raised him as his own. In time the boy became his squire, then eventually his lieutenant.
The Order of the Rein was created by the members of the Road Alliance to patrol the Road and to protect and aid travelers.
Stoic is a jovial young man, known for his cheerful indifference to hardship or personal danger.
He is rarely far from his faithful steed Krieg, and his hounds Glauben and Wut.

Caper Ridle - Steve
Caper is a man who has a secret. He's also a rogue, so it's no surprise he has secrets. He's of average height and build, the sort of person who doesn't attract attention.

Ash - Mick
Ash is the commander of the Royal Preserve and owner of Cloudhome he is Half-Elven and carries a masterwork long bow

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