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Starting a Character

Character Creation

Minions: (Optional)

At times a player's character will have things happen to him during which time your character would or could not be present. As a option you can choose to create a handy NPC class minion with fixed stats ( 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 ) that is always two levels lower then the PC they are serving. You get experience for your player character and the other player gets a elite npc in their service.


Eld ( giant )
Language of giants, reavers, and kips.
Sylvan ( elven )
Language of Svart alfar. ( dark elves ) Vanir ( light elves ) and fairy kind
Numarian. ( Common )
language of lands of fallen Numan empire
The arcane language
Old Numaric.
Language of old Numa, Holy books of United Church of the Immaculate light
Language used by witches

Human races

Big, pale, blonds and redheads. Descendants of barbarians who came over the mountains.
Short with a bit of color to their skin. Numans left behind after fall of Numan empire.
Pale but dark haired descendants of people taken as slaves by Svart Alfar. Affinity for magic.
Get ( half orc and orc blooded )
Giant blooded dependent of Reaver raiders. Odd looking.
Black skin and tightly curled hair. From far south.
Average looking person for area resulting from centuries of cross breeding.
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