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A brief description of the domains, their controller and the chance to see more.

Duchy of Yarwell - Prudence Yarwell (NPC)
The Duchy of Yarwell is a fairly typical feudal society. It is currently ruled by Prudence Yarwell, niece of the former ruler. She oversees things with an iron hand and is fair, particularly to her own friends and family.
Lou-ville - Diligent (Lou)
Lou-ville is a great place to live, work, and play.
The Dreadwood - Equitable von Dreadwood (Steve)
The Dread Wood is the oldest timber land in the realm and possibly the world. Its people live in cooperation with the fey, elves, and other guardians of the forest.
The Royal Preserve - Ash (Mick)
The Royal Preserve is a hilly area covered in av large forest. The forest has several meadows and many different hardwoods, especially Oak, Cherry and Ash. There are sections designated for lumbering and hunting as well as protected areas where the holy grove and the and fey creatures and elves dwell. On the edge of the the Preserve lies the village of Crestview home to master bowyers and woodcarvers of all types.Crestview is a village on a hill top with a palisade around it. North of there is Cloudhome a large ranch where horses are raised and trained as well as cavalry and archers.
Vermillion Thaig - Birch Vermillion (Tim)
Vermillion Thaig is a Dwarven settlement in the Frostback Mountain. Frostback Mountain is an ancient wonder with just as long as a history. They are know as skilled artisans and craftsman. As well as their faith. There is a yearly pilgrimage during the Harvest moon the Sacred Temple. It is rumored to be the burial site of a fallen god, but no one knows for sure.

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