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History of northern sub continent

Alfar drive out giants from north over mountains or out to isles.

Numarian Empire wars with the Svart Alfar, but never fully occupies lands

Osterian Barbarians cross mountains during decline of Numarian Empire

Edding unites north under his rule.

Queen Glory kills the witch queen Endora, the witch's half fay daughter takes the name Malice and swears vengeance and when she comes fully into her power curses the queen with a wasting sickness.

Glory's son Vigilance take the throne but fearing additional curses on his line, marries late in life and has one child, his daughter, who is blessed by the three fairy guardians of the land but also cursed by Malice.

At the age of 16 Beauty pricks her finger on a spindle and the entire capital city of Belvadear is placed under a cursed sleep along with most of the nobility of the kingdom. The city itself is surrounded by the the Briarwood summoned from Underhill by Malice to seal the city and the royal family from rescue

At the same time a wave of darkness sweeps over the land wakening old evils and opening long closed doors.

Where the players come in

Three generations ago, Count Prosper of Albany attempted to compel the court baronies and freeholds adjoining his lands into swearing allegiance to him by raising the tolls on his roads except for merchants and traders he choose to give a official pass for lowered rates.

The leaders of several baronies, a few church held lands, and other freeholds choose to build a new road linking their lands, creating a alternative trade route that was free of all tolls, this freeway not only allowed traders to reach their lands but became the preferred trade route bringing in more trade and wealth to the Freeway markets and to their lords.

As such the members of the Road alliance have maintained close ties and often call on each other for aid. With the loss of the king, the capital and everyone else of importance this long held pact is of all the more importance.


The Barony of Dunwitch to the north has been flooded by the curse of the Bog witch and the Beast Grendal has been sent in by his mother Echidan the witch queen to defend her newly claimed lands.

With the baron of Pillsbury trapped with in the Briarwood, his wife's brother Zeal of Cartir has crossed over the yawning bay to take up the regency for the 7 year old heir. With him has come Prelate Sangria of the Most holy office of the Inquisition, a society fanatically hostile to all things arcane.

The heir to the Count of Albany has gone into a religious retreat leaving his Grandfather Prosper of Albany, renowned for his greed that led to his loss of his title, as regent of the county.

With the kingdom in turmoil the Reavers led by Ivar the boneless will soon be on the move.

Sails of the fleet of the crimson king, slavers from Akkad, now openly docking in the Salisbury sea port

The bastard prince, defrocked priest and infamous wastrel Lackland has turned to banditry and is swiftly gathering up new members for the Morose men.

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