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A Kingom Cursed - 1


Slowly they gather, the warriors of the road. To see the doom that fell upon Belvedere, the crown to the nation, the home to kings. Wound around walls and towers goes the silvery thorn and the emerald leaves, a prickling field to drink blood from all those who cut and chop their way in to those slumbering within.

They arrive along the freeway to the capital to see the curse lying upon the city themselves. The entire royal city from castle to all the outlying home is covered in overlapping vine like growths. The vines are a pale silvery in color with black thorns and bright green leaves.


Part I: Showdown at the city limits

The players arrived on outskirts of Belvadear, the capital to the cursed vine wrapped city for themselves. Regent Zeal of Pillsbury and his personal confessor Prelate sanguine arrive and sanguine begins preaching against the proliferation of magic in the kingdom

Just them a horde of sprouting plant based construct torn from the brier wood attack followed by a lager bale hound.

They are defeated and the player begins to travel home.

Of note:

The people cursed by the sleeping sickness and trapped in the brier wood are under a spell cast by the red fairy Terra to sleep without need of food, drink, or shelter until the curse is broken

The Brier wood shifts it’s vine to attempt to lure people in and can create construct from it own body to attack those out side.

The Monastery of St Venture of the road is doing their best to keep people away from the clutches of the brier wood and are providing shelter to the commoners who had been away from the city.

Prince Zeal Cartier, brother to the baroness of Pillsbury has taken up the regency of the barony on behalf of his 10 year old nephew Verity, he is accompanied by the Prelate Sanguine of the order of Cazador the smiter, a group that trains witch hunters and is opposed to arcane magic use by those not trained in the church. Zeal is a lazy man who seems mostly resigned to the Prelate presence.

Achieving a target rich environment:
Stoic reckless solitary charge only to be swarmed by sproutling was witnessed and considered both foolish and brave.

A new hope:
the site of dutiful’s purple flames brought hope to the common folk to see a wizard out and fighting the briarwood spawn instead of being tapped within the curse like so many others. This hope was tempered in those in the know who realized he was only using low level spells.

Road warriors:
The site of three recongnized noblemen of the road association doing a team beat down on the bale hound brought reassurances to many of the nobles allied with association.

Prince of infamy:
Prince Zeal’s “efforts” to keep a swarm of sproutling out of the fight by keeping them chasing his carriage around until they could be dealt with was seen as instead a act of cowardice in fleeing them.

Street cred:
While dismissive of Prelate Sanguine’s anti arcane rant at first, his stand beside Birch Vermillion in the fight and his wilingness to heal all others, including commoners and a dog has cast him in a favorable light causing people to at least consider his views.

Story Hook:

Sir guile, a knight of Pillsbury long before the arrival of Regent Zeal, and a member of the order of the rein, meanders up beside Dutiful and warned him that Prelate Sanguine had taken a interest in a collection of magical books held in the small domain of white tower, and had spoken of seizing them as the collection had once belonged to the barony of Pillsbury.

Part II: Grivious wounds:

The players on their journey home run across a wagon whose horse had been attacked and torn in two by a owl bear.

They track the beast down and slay it but find it has a collar with a broken chain, they follow it’s trail to a old giant burial mound and decide to retreat to a hunting lodge nearby only to discover sign of kips lead by a Alfar had attacked and taken the two servants who had lived there.

The Group returned to the mound to discover where owl bear had been chained up lantern made from the skull of human children burning with a cold white light.

Of note:

The burial mound was fully sealed every time your hired tracker Seeker has been here before. The mound is considred ill omen due to the grove of black yew growing on it.

Tainted land:
This area around the mound gives off a unnatural sense of cold and gloom.

The Kip vary wildly in appearance, some with horn of various kinds, a variable number of eyes, alternate kinds of feet, as well as body modifications.

Once enslaved by the giants of old, then the Svart Afar and now are mostly regarded as nuisance monster these days, more likely to raid for chicken then pick a right with a human.


Birch: It doesn't look like you've ever fought for an anything in your life.
Caper: No one calls "firsts" faster then he does.

Stoic: Sword or flail?
Prelate: Flail, they're plants.

GM: Okay, so you pick who goes next.
Lou: Who rolled next highest?
GM: I get it; "Fuck you". I"m going with the dice no matter what.

The Spoils

Mitral owlbear collar, inscribed 50gp
10 foot long length of bronze chain 10gp

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Birch Vermillion 5000.0 0.0 2300.0 7300 Need 1700 for level 4

Caper Ridle 5000.0 0.0 2300.0 7300 Need 1700 for level 4

Diligent 5000.0 0.0 2300.0 7300 Need 1700 for level 4

Stoic Oakson 5000.0 0.0 2300.0 7300 Need 1700 for level 4

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