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Barrow riders - 2


At the entrance to the burial mound of the giant clan Jernbin the party passed under the cursed inscribed lintel above the entrance and follow the downward slopeing tomb lined passage until they passed a trip line tied to piles of bones and heard the sound of drumming ahead.

In front of a stiar case lined with animal bones fused with wall and ceiling stood two Kip guard that went down swifty as the impatient Stoic rushed forward but died with enough noise to alert their tribe below. Looking down Caper saw a cluster of kips gather at the bottem of the stair case below before scattering out of sight, from shout order he determined that as many as 20 of the savages were below a fact which caused him great distress at the dangers of such number.

The group ponder at the top of the stair as two kips were ordered forward and died and another voice called out to the kips not to send more two at a time to die.

Pushing forward 20 kip could be seen around a round central room, a leader stood atop a stone vault while a darkborn man with red eyes dressed in black stood by a long dark passage in front of two crudely made stretchers bearing the bodies of the caretakers from the hunter lodge.

As Dilligent dropped a ball of flame on the leader the kips rushed the group all bunching up on the last few steps of the staircase, as Birch and Stoic held them back with Caper fireing arrows, Dilligent was able to toast the crowd with not one but two burning hands spells.

As the red eye man turned away from the last survivor, conveniently calling out his name,
Victor for future reference, Victor pulled out a quartz like crystal and dropped it into the ground before turning and walking down the long passage.

Birch managed to fire one arrow into his back causing the man to turn and glare, before giving the dwarf particularly mocking salute as the long tunnel closed behind him revealing it to have been a passage to Underhill.

As the party split around to examine the room the ground where the crystal had been dropped bulged up, Caper stood close and was lifted into the air as the ground lifted again and a groan of frustration was heard from below.

The animated bone of chief Sjelig pushed up his tomb cover and laid into the party, only falling after having lifted Caper into the air with one bony hand.

Some good worth coin was looted from the grave as the party left with the bodies of the caretakers, the sun shone more brightly and the air had lost it chill, when they returned the next day the mound was sealed with grass growing over the entrance as if it had never been oped at all.

The caretakers were taken to a nearby viliage and buired before the pary moved on to warn the keep of the white tower that Prelate Sanguine may be plotting to raid the holding to seize it’s library.

The young man, fortune, left in charge and his trusted Sargent of the guard, Slaughter thanked the party for their warning and decicded to hide away the more sensitive books and paper in hidden vualts that had long since been prepared.

But of more concern was Fortune’s aunt Polynomial a foolish woman who had dabbled in necromancy summoning up the spirits of ancient mathmititions and engineers to investigate the lost knowledge of math of the old Numanians. She had since been forbidden from practicing such magic and had been punished with seclusion in the caretakers hut in the old grave yard, but she presence would serve as a excuse for Sanguine to bring his forces to White tower.

Unfortunately the wave of shadows had brought the spirit of Sir vigil, a knight who had attended the White tower academy when they were both younger where he had fallen hopelessly in lover with her and then went off to seek his fortune in the 100 kingdoms and died there.

The shadow allowed him to slay and then animate as ghouls the first three unfortunates who came to the old graveyard. Sir Vigil commanded the party to leave him and his love alone all the while Lady Polynomial yelled protests that she had never loved him.

With fierce fight that laid out Diligent to near death the knight was brought down and the lady was convinced to leave her hermitage to go off to Vermilion Thairg far out of the reach of Prelate Sanguine.

At their return to White tower they saw a group of 10 armsmen from pillsbury along with 5 monk of saint cazador dressed and armed in the manner of the hounds of cazador, witch hunter more suited to collecting innocents accused of witchcraft then real ones.

Along with them was Sir Guile the vary same knight who had warned the party now reading a scroll announcing the Fortune was to be arrested as a witch and the White tower itself burned to the ground.

As the force of church and barony marched forth one of the hound seemed confused and confronted sir Guile only to take a boot to the face as the Sir Guile’s eyes turned red and have gave a familiar salute to birch.

Diligent drop a ball of flame at his destroying the Victor’s illusion and revealing that sunlight caused his skin to burn before he was able to secure his hood.

As the rest of the party tried to reason or threaten the soldiers, Birch cast a spell of silence on them and
Diligent recognized the signs of the soldiers and hound being respelled.

The monk that had been struck down rose to his feet as Victor rode away and looked down in confusion as the ground where Victor had stood began to be up from below, until 5 large snapping jawed cyclopian beetles burst free and press the party to a fight.

With the beetles slain and the the spell broken the soldiers left and the party journeyed on.

The Spoils

Enemy identified:
Victor a red eyed darkborn man with a extreme sensitivity to sunlight, even more then a normal darkborn's, and a steady supply of single use magic items

Bronze dagger with uncut topaz stone 5gp

Algiz rune ax, becomes magic after shedding blood, fast healing 3 for one round for each kill, will save 10 or berserk for 1 round per kill +1 to save for each kill after 1 first.

Mw large iron axe
gold torc 25gp,
silver pan flute 20gp
bronze sickle 5gp
20gp in square coins
10 feet of fine mitril wire 5gp
large crude glass jar 1gp
Middle aged math nerd 0gp
Good will of Fortune White tower

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Birch Vermillion 7300.0 420.0 2000.0 9720 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 5280 for level 5
Silence is golden? +30
No one touches a member of the purple gang +60
Takeing in Lady Polynominal ( +1 compassion ) +300
Makeing the first story arc big bad hold a personal grudge against you +30

Caper Ridle 7300.0 150.0 2000.0 9450 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 5550 for level 5
There. are. 20. of them. +30
Jawaing +30
Oh yeah, she's a good necromancer +60
Line up +30

Diligent 7300.0 390.0 2000.0 9690 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 5310 for level 5
Burn bitches burn +30
Looking up spell +30
Quest minor completed +300
The look of fear in a player's eye +30

Stoic Oakson 7300.0 195.0 2000.0 9495 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 5505 for level 5
Offering to take in lady polynominal +90
Wait, is that legal? +30
Meat shield +30
getting off his high horse +15
Personal goal. Jousting with a wight +30

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