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On the road again - 3


The road lords return to their domains to discover the wave of shadows that have passed over the land has awoken creatures fell and foul. As well as some more innocent surprises, not many, but some.


On the road to Vermilion-


Caper Riddle breaks off from the group as they cross Yarwell by way of the back road to avoid any agent of Prelate Sanguine on the freeway. Along with them is Polynomial the sister of the Holder of White tower being taken to safe refuge in Vermillion.

While catching up with old friends he learns that:

-A detached giant hand the size of a dog has been reported crushing out lieing farmer’s chickens before fleeing into the night, it is said to wear a ring with a large green gem, Exarch Prudence has offered a purse with 20 gold for it’s destruction with the ring presented as proof
-Spirits of the Shadows seized control of young lord Honor Cornish, and drove him to wild spending spree in several bawdy house, catching up with him, Caper learns the young man having found himself thrust into a position of power with his parents trapped in Beveldear simply had a night out on the town that went too far and spent all the money in his family coffers. He hit up caper for some cash to get him through until the end of the month when rents were due and Caper offered a generous amount that Honor felt would only lead him to temptation instead Caper left most of the loan with Honor sister to hold in trust.

-A mystery man claiming to be a tax collector hit up several stores and some minor nobles before Prudence proclaimed him a thief and impostor acting on the exile Prosper Yarwell behalf.

-A headless knight in black armor was seen riding the freeway by moonlight. Caper believed him to be Centurion Devon Flavius, the former commander of a Numan fort which once stood where the city of Yarwell now stands, as internal troubles in the Empire grew overwhelming ambitious nobles looked to return to the south to support and defend their family holding.

Flavius sought to journey to Salis, the provincial capital in order to petition the Exarch to return to his family lands. He plotted with the Svart Alfar house Nocturi to attack the fort under his command while he was gone with a few of his loyalists to open the gates at night.

His plot was discovered was his Optio Augustus Yarvis, Caper’s ancestor, who beheaded Devon and ordered his corpse burned. The headless corpse, armor burned black with flickers of flame bursting into life with each step, arose and sought out Yarvis who slew him again causing the corpse to fall into ash.

His head was collected from the pike it had been mounted on during the fight and was stolen away by his pregnant concubine whose dependents would raise the headless twice over the ages.

Normally he could only be raised for the three nights of the dark moon, but he has been seen only a few days after the full moon.

-Vandals wreak the main gate portcullis and someone had written Death to the usurper on the wall of the keep before the guard hastily washed them away. Caper learned that Aegis Enamel, a warrior created by planting a dragon’s tooth by Augustus Yarvis, founder of the holding. Aegis had leaved out his life but claims to have been awoken from his long rest because a usurper had taken the throne rightfully belonging to Caper and swears to help him bring about her death, her supporters deaths, the death of those who did not challenge the usurpation and anyone who gets in his way. For the moment Aegis had been turned to hunting down the false Tax collector, but with the noble manor the man had been staying in burned to the ground by Aegis, this dangerous man is now at loose ends.

The Royal Feywood Reserve-

Holder ash choose to stay on the lands entrusted to his line by the old Queen Glory instead of investigating the curse on the capital of Belvadear.

He heard rumors of-

-A new breed of black skinned kips had been seen leading small bands of other kips in the Feywood

- a giant's grave has been found in the wood by the Silvani wood elves, it had been torn open from within and abandoned

-Rumors that he have been seen in Yarwell dressed up in fancy cloths and spending money freely on wine, women and song are being spoken of

Then the alarm horns sounded off and he rode to the small hamlet of Eggs when the grandson of Ripper a former armsmen of the Reserve had his farm attacked by the Badaxe brothers.

Olaf, Sven and Jorgen Badaxe were three brother living on the edge of the forest preserve, the sons of
Hogun a retired and long since deceased mercenary. Occasional intruders who poached on the royal preserve land and were whipped for it after being caught by Ripper. The wave of darkness had awoken the giant blood in them and they decided to make a profit and get some revenge by raiding Ripper’s farm.

Ripper had lured the now giant brothers into his barn before blocking the door behind them, setting it on fire and sending his grandson off to sound a alarm in Egg. When the brothers burst free he led them south to the old mines which were too small for the giants to follow him in.

As Lord Ash arrived in Eggs so did the party crossing over from Yarwell and joined the lord on his mission while Lady Polynomial was led to Ash’s manor at Cloudhome.

Joining them was Scales Smith a local friend to Lord Ash and would be troubadour.

The party fought the three brothers and their Kip allies and swifty brough them down along with Scales and the Flying array, the reserve’s elite mounted guard .

One of the kips had dark skinned unmarked by scars, ritual marking, tattoos, or body piercing as if it was new born. Lady Polynomial remarked on a old tale that kips were born from the fallen blood of the elder giants, but such creatures had long since vanished from the face of the world.

Brich Vermillion remarked that Lord Ash looked just like a well dressed longer hair, lighter skinned noble he had seen the gathering at Belvadear which someone had pointed out as being Lord Ash


Reaching the high way found Arbora Greenleaf a childhood friend of Stoic Oakson waiting with a copy of a dispatch that a rider had been sent up the road to carry to him. From this he learned:

A Shepard looking for a lost sheep discovered that the vale of thorns has been covered in strands of webs visible from the outside, they looked thicker within according to younger rider who volunteered to creep up a little closer. Surrounding homes are scarce in area but shepherds, their flocks and a few lonely cottages had been evacuated from the area. One man is missing, but old man Skinner is known to go out hunting for days at a time and his bow is gone.

A giant green woman was said to have tried to steal some children, but the keeper of the oak, Frieda assured everyone the giantess is no danger, at least not anymore, and asked no one to hurt her

A fire breathing hound had beenseen roaming countryside, chasesing herds of deer. The hound hadn't hurt anyone, yet, but did start a cottage on fire trying to get to a bitch in heat before the owner shot a arrow at it and ran it off before putting out the fire. Dogs refuse to track it and horses on patrol get nervous in area where it marked things with it's particularly acidic piss. A tracker who tried to follow it said it's a clever boy, using roads to break up it's trail. The locals have named it Fenton

Scouts found a served arm with teeth marks from something with a jaw larger then a bear caught up in some weeds downriver from the bridge. Feeling a unnatural cold from below the bridge and sense of something watching them they remembered the advice of their Sargent and backed the fuck up. While the entire underside of the old tweed bridge is visible from the outside the supports do create a few eddies of still water "Sounds bad lord holder" reports the as yet unnamed Sargent, "I think we got a troll"

On his arrival Stoic immediately led the lords to the Thorny vale when paths for wagon sized creature were discovered thorn and crushed trough the woods, after much discussion and the discovered of other small creatures stirring in the wood they sallied forth into the dark wood. Inside they discovered the vale the sky grew darker and the air chill with the scent of mold. Ancient graves had been disturbed and the bones gathered with bit of wood before the tracked showed something scuttling away from the harrowed graves.

In a sunken grove in the heart of the vale they found the remains of a lost wood elf village, the trees reshaped to have inner chambers and the remains of wooded beams in the branches above. The tree tops were choked with webs and the group sauntered into a overgrown ring of stone in the center of the grove

From a mass of leaf covered web a spider the size of a two story cottage torn itself free and began to rush toward Lord Ash, only to have Holder Birch cut it off and Holder Oakson charge into it. Even as it bit deeply into the two, leaving Stoic poisoned and weak, Woodland horror, twisted monstrosities of multiple bones and wood bound together by webbing into twisted spider like creature emerged from the wood and charged only to be ensnared by Arborea’s entangle spell.

The beast was vanquished and it’s horrors fell to pieces. Magical artifacts and ancient coins from the defiled graves were discovered and split while Arborea tried her best to return the elven bones to the earth.

As they rested that night, guard’s men from Erchanbrucke and Coventry guarded the end of the old bridge to keep travelers by night from falling pray to the trolls appetites, only for the troll to slow craw to deeper water to await a weary boatman who decided to trust his feeling and sleep on the tavern floor that night rather to then trust to the river, only to hear a gravely voice whisper “disappointing” in Eld before noisily splashing it’s way back to the bridge.

That morning, with his abilities recovered by Birch’s magic, Stoic asks the lords to help him beard the troll. Then a snowy owl arrives with a letter from the lord of the dread wood.

The Spoils

14 pp, 351 gp, 76 sp, 41 cp
Oil of Mage Armor (cr, 50 gp)
Potion of Aid (cr, 300 gp)
Potion of Stabilize (cr, 25 gp)
Scroll of Cause Fear (cr, 25 gp)
Scroll of Color Spray (cr, 25 gp)
Scroll of Darkness (cr, 150 gp)
Scroll of Sun Metal (uc, 25 gp)
Wand of Remove Fear (cr, 750 gp)
Anvil (5 gp, 200 lb)

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Ash 0.0 8100.0 980.0 9080 Went from Level 1 to 4
Need 5920 for level 5
Starting exp +7000
Badaxe brothers / ending malice ( Duty ) +600
Useing troops +40
Horse talk +20
Tracking ( Duty ) +40
Ogre spider +400

Birch Vermillion 9720.0 780.0 980.0 11480 Need 3520 for level 5
Badaxe brothers +300
Relentles kipping ( Duty ) +40
Free health care ( Compassion ) +40
Ogre spider +400

Caper Ridle 9450.0 1000.0 980.0 11430 Need 3570 for level 5
Badaxe brothers +300
Activating minions +80
Singing +20
Taling down Aegis ( Justice ) +120
Loaning out money ( Charity ) +80
Ogre spider +400

Diligent 9690.0 800.0 980.0 11470 Need 3530 for level 5
Badaxe brothers +300
when the kips are down ( wrath ) +40
now might be a good time for Mage armor +20
Relentless looking for magic items ( greed ) +40
Ogre spider +400

Stoic Oakson 9495.0 1220.0 980.0 11695 Need 3305 for level 5
Badaxe brothers +300
letting go of lance for flavor +40
beer in sick bed ( Indulgence ) +40
Ogre spider / ending malice ( Duty ) +800
The Trouble with little girls ( Compassion ) +40

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