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Trolling down the river - 4


with the old bridge closed down the troll is forced to go out for take out food. A young girl guided by her visions seeks to raise a army to free the cursed city. The lord of the Dread wood call for aide on the nigh of the dark moon.


As the afternoon passed A alchemist named Volatile Vimes hired by Baron Covington arrived with a additional 6 soldiers on the Covington side of the old bridge with a wagon load of alchemistís fire in 2 gallon jars and a special catapult to fire them from. He received stern warning from Holder Oakson to not fire on those fighting the troll

As the sky dimmed Caper strode out on the bridge with a sheep to bait the troll into comeing into view. He abused the sheep to make sure it dinít run off and as the sky grew completely black Caper heard the sound of splashing water and the sound of clawed hand digging into stone.

Dispite his sharped sences Capar saw no one but heard the sound of the troll climbing on top of the bridge and heard it sound a horn even as he sounded a warning of itís presence

then the troll became visible in chian mail and wielding a bow that it fired a shot into the jar of alchemist fire resting in the cup of the catapult sending a spray of burning chemical onto the chart and Volatile himself.

Then he turned to fire a arrow into the charging Stoic only to take a burst of acid from dilligant. Now seeing the wizard as the biggest threat he downed the spell chucker in a single shot

Beset by both Stoic and Caper the troll leaped from the bridge just as the 8 direwoves he had called arrived and beset the now healed dilligant with only Birch nearby to defend him.

With a map leap caper fell apon the troll as Stoic circled the bridge but it had time to again down Dilligent with a arrow before running under the bridge and into a large dark eddy to points unknown.

Recklessly Stoic drove his horse after and the two found themselves in the Stillwater with the troll limping toward a stone platform with stairs going down.

Stoic waited as he saw the troll prepare to blow his horn to recall his wolves so the wovles would no ravage his men, then charged down the stiar to impale the troll and had his horse hoove it to death while he lit a torch.

Up top the woves turned and raced off to under the bridge leaveing Birch to begin to heal the wounded.

Below the wolves arrvied and pressed Caper hard while surround the stairs to pile onto Stoic should he attempt to leave. Stoic tried to break free of wolves but they were surrounded and were sure to soon fall.

Them the great tree appeared in the still water, shined from above came sunlight, alone with a giant dryad sprinting for a punt on one of the now cowering dire wolves. She asked Stoic to kill whatever dwelled below in order for the bad place to go away.

Freed, stoic returned to the above while caper stripped the corpse of itís possessions

The group then woke early to reach Vermilion mere moments before the prophet arrived. They found a young woman with a shaved head named Amenity from the town of stump who had discovered a silvery sword that burns with a white flame that can be passed to other weapons belonging to those pledged to her service. She claimed to be guided by Enoch the voice of the immaculate one. She was ordered to gather a army of the faithful and led them to free the city of belvadear from itís curse.
With the permission of Birch he has gathered nearly 70 or so people to march toward belvadear

While Amenity is well spoken and creepily focused on her faith, her father, whose name she isnít using,
Bargain Bones, is a miner turned dubious store owner after his leg was crippled mining, or so he claims.

Bargain is following his daughter to make money and try to keep her alive once what he thinks is a long con reaches itís inevitable end in blood and tears. Meanwhile his 15 percent messanger of the immaculant one locks of hair are selling well, and he was able to bargain cheap food and transport for his daughterís followers.

To all intents her sword appears to be a powerfull magic holy sword, not powerfull to hold the sprit of enoch, but still fairly powerful. However Bargain mentions how a red eyed darkborn man told her to follow the voice that was calling her, a man named Triump

With the permission of Stoic and Dilligent to visit their lands and speak to their people, amenity is of to lead her group which in now over and a hundred on snails pass to Belvadear

While riding ahead Stoic came to the New bridge to find it claimed by the lizard men of House Lepital, the reptiles had been driven out of their home in the Feywood by Molocchio, the one giant and youngest of the three evil giantís that ruled the feywood before the coming of man.

With their home lost by right of arms their chieftain Stillgar claimed the bridge but agreed to allow passage over it in return for ham. Stoic refused the offer and prepares to fightÖ.


Holder Stoic: Will you help me with the troll? I know nothing of them.
Caper (rolls a 5): Troll's wallets are mischief.

GM: The wizard is on fire.
Caper: He needs to stop, drop, and roll.

Erg (to Holder Stoic): Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

The Spoils

shiney +1 chainmail - tim
Orange and black tarten great kilt +1 resistance - kieth
Red heart gem and platniom ring of protection ( lou)
Large black yew bow made for a 24 str

Clear the temple of Set-amon

Find the truth behind the messanger's compain

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Birch Vermillion 11480.0 890.0 800.0 13170 Need 1830 for level 5
ending life of Ravenous the troll +600
Meat shield for wizard ( justice ) +40
Praying for guidance ( respect ) +20
Letting the messanger steal away your people ( compassion ) +150
Selling food and transportation on cheap ( charity ) +40
Healing ( Charity ) +40

Caper Ridle 11430.0 760.0 800.0 12990 Need 2010 for level 5
sheep abuse +40
ending life of Ravenous the troll +600
first in the breech ( Indulgence ) +20
reckless leap ( wrath ) +20
Activating minion +40
Sailor talk from the tunnel chumper +40

Diligent 11470.0 740.0 800.0 13010 Need 1990 for level 5
ending life of Ravenous the troll +600
detailing heraldic animal +40
Glass cannon +20
even more glass cannon +20
Call attension of troll with bow by makeing it known you have spell that can hurt it ( Duty ) +40
She just has to be charmed +20

Stoic Oakson 11695.0 1380.0 800.0 13875 Need 1125 for level 5
ending life of Ravenous the troll ( malice ) +1200
Stairmaster ( wrath ) +40
calling the wolves on self ( duty ) +80
trying to talk down lizard king ( Justice ) +40
Refusing barging of ham ( Pride ) +20

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