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Man's struggle with the one eyed monster - 5


I have planted the sword master and the prophet has been chosen. May I ask what this will serve?

She will lead a horde to their deaths which will cause another wave of shadows with so many, or maybe the bright one will grant a miracle in her name then we can stoke her ego into claiming power.

Either way it will make for a interesting game.


Short version
No fight with lizardmen, made them show the party to the cyclops keep, kill cyclops and some kips, someone tried to curse Holder Ash but he was save by amenity Bearer the finder of the holy sword. When to troll’s lair in Stillwater, found sign of someone else occupying ruined temple

Long version

The arrival of Holder Ash Feywood in response of the sounding of Voight’s bell stops the fight the
lizardfolk of house Lipital when he reminds them of their oath to remain in the Feywood preserve.

A set of wood elves had been watching the ruined keep which had stood since the age of giants, when Mollochio, the cyclopian giant who chase the Lizard men out of it had once ruled. They warned of a several black kip standing guard, poorly, in the three remaining towers.

Birch’s man Erg Rockbreath walk over to distract the kips attentions to the far end of the keep but ultimately caused the lazy brute to sound a alarm as the others approached.

One by one they cross the bridge to find the inner courtyard filled with crude caltrops as the giant emerged and fired a ballista held in it’s bare hands, poorly.

The fight continued with kips falling one by one as lance attack and spell bled the one eyed giant until it used it magical second eye to strike a fell blow and down Holder stoic oakson.

Mean while Erg tried to enter the keep by way of a hold in one of the tower revealed by the erosion the moat and made it up in time to be struck down while distracting the cyclops from Chancellor Diligent.

After doing a mudslide down into the moat by missing the jump to the drawbridge by “this much” and being pulled back up, holder Vermillion held Holder oakson in time for him to ride down the one eyed one and strike him down.

After their side trip they returned to the holding of Newbridge where Holder feywood was enticed to accept a goblet of wine for a smiling maiden who had cursed the drink, only to have it struck from his hand by Anmity Bearer on the orders of Enoch, the sword the she had found which claims to be a celestial being who speak for the higher of the power of good, the immaculate one.

The associate of the freeway then choose to check the structure in the realm of stillwater that the troll who had attacked Eichenbruke has laired in.

they found a room filled with sarcophagus turned into a rare mushroom garden and other signs that someone other then the troll has laired here, or as Arborea Greenleaf had guessed a troll wife.


Kip - I have no mother!

Stoic "fuck it"
Erg Rockbreath "i corrupted you"

Ash "You known you are going to just get everyone killed"

The Spoils

53 pp, 107 gp, 19 sp
1. Aquamarine (550 gp)
2. Chrysoprase (40 gp)
3. Coral (100 gp)
4. Sardonyx (65 gp)

1. Amphora of Common Wine (2 gp, 80 lb)
2. 10 x Bag of Iron Nails (5 sp, 1 lb)
3. Barrel (2 gp, 30 lb) full of nails
4. 15 x Bottle of Honey (4 sp, 4 lb)
5. Piton (1 sp, 1/2 lb)
6. Small Carpet (10 gp)
7. Small Cask of Sausages (1 gp, 5 lb)
8. Wagon (35 gp, 400 lb)

100gp topaz from statue
25gp in spell ingredients from mushroom
15gp in medicinal ingredients from mushroom

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Ash 9080.0 590.0 1230.0 10900 Need 4100 for level 5
Forceing Lepital back into the woods +40
Remembering potion of stability +10
Trying to talk down Anemity +40
Killing malice in own territory +500

Birch Vermillion 13170.0 80.0 1230.0 14480 Need 520 for level 5
fucking scumbag father +10
dwarf goes down the hole +10
stratigic healing +40
not really a friend +20

Caper Ridle 12990.0 150.0 1230.0 14370 Need 630 for level 5
Rude dwarf +40
i will go in that hole no matter what +40
poem +20
tragic death +50

Diligent 13010.0 90.0 1230.0 14330 Need 670 for level 5
hurting giant with all but wearing a sign saying kill me +80
magic greed +10

Stoic Oakson 13875.0 110.0 1230.0 15215 Went from Level 4 to 5
Need 7785 for level 6
Trying to stay out of fight with lizardmen +40
Dwarf bopping +10
Reckless disregard of lives of horse and dogs +40
Enuring mockery of stillgar and still not killing him +20

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