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Delve World II



There are basically three levels of Delvers, recreational, amateur and professional. Recreational delvers are people who make their living some other way but then hit the delve on weekends. Generally recreational delves are non-lethal and less dangerous.

Amateurs are making a living as delvers. They aren't really amateurs, but they aren't professionals yet either. Some amateurs have endorsements, but it is rare.

Professionals compete in two major leagues, the Entertainment and the Judicial league. They usually have a team sponsor and many will have individaul sponsors as well. Entertainment delvers do just that, they provide entertainment. Judicial league delvers settle disputes in a manner similar to trial by combat.

At the start of the campaign, the players are recently recruited amateurs. They've been invited to the town of Biskay and are part of a "farm system" for the entertainment league. Their only contact is a "promoter" named Severus.

Severus is an older balding man who is somewhat evasive about his background. He has never identified exactly who he works for and he probably never will. The professional teams are notoriously secretive about up and coming talent. Because of their amateur status, they have no written agreement with Severus, but have agreed to take his advice on things, which he offers freely.

The Delves

Recreational delves are often little more than elaborately constructed mazes with perhaps a few small traps and a half-starved animal or two as opposition. They tend to be poorly designed and often lack cohesion. There are no famous recreational Delvemasters.

Amateur delves are more like true dungeons, with rooms, puzzles, and serious opponents. Most are freeform, but there are a handful of 'standard' delves which Amateurs will sometimes run in order to establish records and credentials. Some amateur delvemasters gain notoriety but they are often snapped up by the professional leagues.

Professional delves are like amateur delves only bigger, better equipped and more dangerous.

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