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Delve World II


A brief description of the characters and their motives (as described by the players):

Seamus Underlane - Keith
Seamus appears to be an underfed bundle of muscle. Unlike most halflings, it would be difficult to confuse Seamus for a human child. Seamus wears his hair short, nearly a crew cut. This style tends to make the pointed ears stand out. He would have a respectable beard (for a halfling) if he didn`t keep it closely shaved. While his equipment is well worn, it is painfully clean.
Until recently Seamus was part of the city watch, employed as a tunnel rat. He patroled the city sewers, catacombs, and did the occasional special operation. His duties included the destruction of dangerous vermin, capture or elimination of escaped experiments, and the pursuit of the occasional criminal.
After an encounter with some freakishly agile mutant turtles Seamus has had enough. It was past time to take up a less dangerous(and smelly) career. Delving seemed a good choice.

Kalindor "Kal" Doon - Tom
Kal is a somewhat tall and lean man. In his early twenty's Kal's goal is to become the greatest Trap Master known in all the land. He has long brown hair and wears a bandana around his forhead. He dresses in rather drab and bland clothing that is suited fro comfort and his lifestyle as a trap/lock specialist. His jacket and pants are lined with small pockets to help hold his tools and small gear while in a Delve.

Mister Void (Doesn't have a real name, that's just what people call him.) - John Shaw
A young, tow headed man, slight of build, almost completly nondescript looking. Extremely fit physically. Almost a perfect athletic specimen. Seems to be constantly clean, short hair, even has white teeth (An unusual thing.) Void appears to be in a constant dreamlike state, and moves as if he were being pulled along like a puppet. He speaks when spoken to, and is quite intelligent, but makes people uncomfortable by constantly staring into space and acting surprised every time people address him directly. The only time Void ever acts differently, is when he is in danger, at which point he fights like a machine, rarely making a mistake, never making a sound louder that his breathing, and killing without hesitation. If he were asked how he learned to fight, his answer would be "I was told that 'to fight' means to harm without being harmed. So that is what I do. What is training?" Void was a 'foundling' left on a doorstep of the people who raised him. He could speak and work independantly of other by the age of four. His is now 30 years old.

Corvus - Mick
Corvus is a tanned handsome brawny lad. He looks every part the handsome farm boy that he is. Corvus stands about 6 foot tall and is well muscled from years of hard labor. He bears a star-shaped birthmark on his left breast. Born the hour a famous delver perished, it has been said that he would becme a famous delver himself one day. recently he has decided he had enough of farm life and decided to take up the sword and try delving. He is eager to succeed and spends much time practicing with his longsword

Grayden Manor - Tim
Grayden is a Human from the poorer parts of town. Everything he owns is 2nd hand and he has had to fight to keep it while living in the slums.
He relies heavily on his reflexes and being light on his feet and quick with his swords to him through tough times.
He wants to be a successful delver to become rich and famous and to get his family out of the slums and into more lavish surroundings.

Xaramir Galanodel - John
A regal, noble elf. From a successful Delving family, although he is the 7th of 9 children. Despite his own high opinion of himself, has not had luck establishing himself in the Delve World or in the eyes of his family. (He would never admit that publicly of course.)
He is tastefully dressed, with a fine purple cloak with silver embroidery (crescent moon on the sleeves). A fine delver's outfit, with a small pack and several pouches. He carries a longsword and a short bow. A silver crescent moon necklace adorns his person. He takes Delving very seriously and has little patience for errors, stupidity and rash action.

Fang - Joe
Light skinned oriental of normal height and build, front half of head is shaved and marked with the kenyu symbol for demon, the rest of his hair is shoulder length and tattered as if it had been longer but raggedly cut short, fu Manchu moustache.
Left arm and upper body are covered in a large elaborate tattoo featuring gods, demons, naked women, kenyu symbols, and a muskrat.
Wears loose pants held up by a sash and tucked into knee high flat heeled boots, he carries a large leather satchel covered in pockets, sacks, bottles, scroll tubes, vials, and other tools.

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