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Delve World II

Starting a Character


Players should all be of similar alignment as it would be best if they could get along. Likewise, at least part of your motivation must include a desire to be successful at Delving. (So if you want to restore your family's name or something, then becoming a great Delver must be part of your path to victory).

The game will take place primarily in Delves (dungeons). Players of outdoors oriented characters will probably not be happy. Likewise, while there will be some social interaction, it will not be a governing factor in the game - purchasing lots of social skills and feats may prove less than ideal.

You may use anything from the Core Rulebooks or from the published WOTC supplements for Third Edition. Ancestral feats and Oriental Adventures Classes and races are by approval. Anything else (like SS, AEG or Mongoose supplements) requires DM Approval. Non-standard races will be approved only rarely.

Characters start with maximum hits based on class and level.

Gold is as rolled + 50% (so fighters would get 5d4 * 10 * 1.5).

Everyone has 1000 experience which you can have garnered any reasonable way you would like.

House Rules

There are some new skills available, mostly in the knowledge area and similar to sports categories. You can take knowledge of professional, amateur, or recreational delvers, delvekeepers, or delveteams. You can also localize those to a specific team, delvekeeper or delver. Profession: Delver may also prove helpful in some cases. It basically covers rules and etiquette for delvers.

Fast Track Feats: any feat which has at least two other feats he does not have as a prerequisite can be designated a fast-track feat. Characters may only have one fast-track feat at time. When a character has a declared fast-track feat, he must take all his level-based feats in one of the prerequisites until he achieves the fast-track feat. The advantage is that he gains them 1/2 levels rather than 1/3. Other bonus feats (like fighter feats) can also be used to fulfill fast-track prerequisites, but they don't have to be. Once a character has taken a fast-track feat, he can declare a new one. The new feat must also have two prerequisites he doesn't currently have.

The GM reserves the right to deny any specific feat as either a regular or a fast-track feat on a per character basis. This rule is aimed solely at reducing min-max feat combinations and if it is invoked, the GM will explain his decision. The decision can be overruled by majority vote of players in attendance.

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