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Delve World II

The Private journals of corvus Nightstar

Delving Day 3
So a Fool's Paradise in Biskay. Very near the death of a novice group. Damn thier cowardice. If not for me and the Graydon would be dead, and if not for the speed of the monks Kal would have been as well, and I probably would have followed. To top thta off they left the preist alone on the far side of thepit wiht no way to cross, if that Ooze had been there then he would have been done for. On the brighter side, Kal seems to be picking up speed and doing better at his work. If the rest can adjust as quickly we will be ok and a force to be reckoned with in the future. Team work is still an issue as is the ability to form a plan and avoid arguements... nothing worse than going to a room where the creatures are waiting for you, sometimes it can't be avoided... but in this case a little less bickering would have done wonders. Graydon Heinrik and I seem to have developed a mostly friendly and professional rivalry concerning combat, and the one Warrior of the empty hand. he calls himself a monk.. not sure i understand what that means though. but they fight well. The empty minded one fights better but I wondeer about him. One thing to make note of.. I need to invest in healing potions, the others should do the same.. perhaps we should keep a seperate share of treasure for the group for that need.

delving day2 phool's paradise
well, we got started and with luck we can make it as a team, althoug some show very little interest in working as a teman since they keep thier skills and talents hidden, never tinking it might affect how others of us react. Some of them seem to think that just becasue we are warriors and willing to stand toe to toe with an enemy that we are stupid. and that is not the case. I sure aint putting myself between some sneakin distrustign elf wizard and an enamy he may decide to shoot fire at.
ok yeah.. Fang he might be odd but he is ok and alot better than the possessedwarrior preist whoi pushed my patience by getting in the way of the trapsmith and snorting at the door cracks. were his parents gnolls that he depeds on scent? he certainly bears watching. him and the elf. the rest seem ok.
I guess we all need some practice at this but tactics is an issue. you cant argue outside everydoor and expect the monsters to wait for us. we been lucky so far. its a good thing we got the chance to rest..i think as a group we need it.

Delving Day 1
Ok, here I am in biskay. what a shit hole, not unlike being back home. At least here there are more woman and they will be impressed enough if i can find the right type of people to create a good delve team. the trial draws close those without teams will show sonn. Hopefully I wont have to be stuck with some smelly damn dwarf.
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