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Delve World II

The Book of five grinning demons.

8th Moon Year of the Rooster

Dam, but I wanted to be a wererat
What do a man have to do to get bitten around here?
Dominion over rats.
The ability to gnaw things.
It would have been sweet.
Stupid wererats.
Got a spellbook
soon will figure out what in it
I suspect spells.
Could be wrong.
up and down
up and down
up and down
Kill, kill, kill.
Think I find clue
End up grabbed like mouse by snake
I hate Alovar Credens.
This time they listen to my commands
Like small animals I reward them
The training is paying off
I still have to scream and stomp my feet
To get even a token magic item
Greedy round eyed devils.

Fang the still not wereratish.

7th Moon. Year of the Rooster
On arriving in the west

Sharper then a serpentís tooth
Swifter then a diving shrike
Smarter then the average bear.
It is I,
Fang the mocker
Fang the robber
Fang the betrayer
Fang who is named demon and cast out.
My hair is cut
My face is marked
My honor is called dross.
In this is opportunity
In the lands to the west
In the land of the milk fed dog men
Men will pay to watch
As I use my forbidden magics.
I descend into danger
A maze of small men
Animated skeletons
Walking suits of armor
Boys from farms
Thugs from slums
Men from fighting schools
Living shields for me.
A priest to heal
A fool to scout
A monk for company
And one guy beyond words
Who asks for no share of the spoils
As above, so almost is below
Twice rooms of colors
Just to look dangerous
No climatic battle
No final reward
Just a big gooey cube
And a lot of loose change
I find a nice ring
They make me give it back
Fang the ever reluctent

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