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Delve World II

Trail to Success

So here we are in the delve Vertical Limit. No ones following the plan and some of us almost die cuz were stupid and separate. Then the dick with the greatsword decides I'm showing him up and persuades the party to stick me in the back of the marching order. Then when we come upon a wererat they all want to run away and wouldn't let me fight the piece of shit since I had a magic weapon and they didn’t. I guess the dick just can’t stand anyone else being a hero. Corvus had a silver weapon and the mage could make someone’s weapon magic. The monks were scared shitless. we finally went back and found a stash of treasure which had magic arrows and another magic long sword. Now they finally agreed it was time to fight the wererat. Only he surprised us with a Fireball as we tried to descend to the room. If we had rushed earlier when I wanted too he might not have gotten the spell off.

After clearing the upper floor we went thru the secret door. It leads to a set of stairs leading down. We found the layout of the lower level to be an exact copy of the upper floor. The monsters in the rooms were mostly the same. Except in the Wizards Library we found some goblins hiding behind a table. It was pretty funny when the guy with the greatsword fell into the pit. Then Void fell into the pit while trying to jump it. I on the other hand made a Death Defying leap and spun around to face the goblins. Once we had them surrounded we made short work of them.
In the checker board room we found that the colors had been reversed. There was also a big pit that Kal just barley missed falling in. and where the false door was there was a real door. We also found Gems that were the eyes of the face on the lower level. We figured out a way to get across the Pit using the tables the goblins were hiding behind.
Not everyone agreed with me on having the group go over the pit before we went into the room. So during the fight with the animated armor I was stuck unconscious and Void came to my rescue and keep me from dying. He bound my wounds and used a healing potion on me. Once I was conscious again The Priest in the group finally cast a spell to heal me.
When we went thru the Secrete door on the lower level instead of stairs we found a Gelatinous Cube. Once we defeated it we decided we had been every where and decided to leave.
Tonight we will be going into a Delve called Vertical Limit. Where we are suppose to solve a puzzle to identify an item then retrieve it while surviving the environment.

I have been running amateur delves for a while and I have received an invitation to join a group and try our luck at the Delve of Biskay. The group seems more or less competent at their respective skills. There are five combatants, three who use weapons two who don't. There also is a "Trap Specialist". The other three are spell casters one seems to be a Priest and one seems to be a Wizard and one seems to be a Wizard/Priest.
The Delve were in is called Fool's Paradise. So far everything has gone pretty well as far as I can tell since no one is dead. We've gone through about nine rooms where we have killed several goblins, some Bug Bears, Animated Armor and some Skeletons. The priest was able to make the Skeletons cower in the corner so we could bash them to pieces. Which was good I just thought he could be a little more giving when it comes time to hand out cure spells.
The one Monk well I guess he a Monk since he doesn't use weapons seems a little strange. Sniffing the bottom of Doors and staring off into space and the like. Then there's the "Trap Specialist" who might be a little overly cautious, but I think that's a good thing considering what he does. At least the only trap he missed he was the only one caught in it.
Hopefully after some time together we can become a cohesive unit instead of the mob we've been. But like I said so far so good.
Well now it's time to see what's behind the secret door…


And here is the beginning of the "Trail to Success" by Grayden Manor.
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