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Delve World II

The Trap Master

Istar 4
Well we made it out of Fool's Paradise. I believe we did alright for our first delve together, but I believe we need some work. We spend a lot of time dicussing this and that and we usually do it pretty loud and in front of doors we're about to open. The second level of the delve was interesting as it mirrored the first level almost exactly. But we all made out with just under 200 GP's each. We found some nice magic items, including this new ring of protection that I know have. The group believed since I'll be in the front all the time I should be able to protect myself for what ever nasty I open a door on.
They got me with a few of their traps. Some I missed and some I thought I was able to disarm but found out the hard way I had misjudged my work. Oh well, I shall learn from my mistakes and improve my skills.

Istar 3
Damn it! I can't believe I missed that fire breath trap! I got so wrapped up in the fact there might have been jewels in the eyes that I didn't even watch the floor ten feet in front of it. Good thing I'm quick on my feet.
Well we're in the middle of the Fool's Paradise Delve, the group I'm with seems pretty able. Although Covar is going to need to learn patience. He busted down a door after growing tired of waiting for me to check it. I know the traps aren't that big or scary now but soon we will be hitting delves that will make you think twice before kicking a door in.
We've run into some interesting things so far: Bug Bears, Goblins, Skeletons and some more goblins. We're resting now and hopefully we'll get out of this in one piece.
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