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Delve World II

The Things That Happen to Me


I think I understand what "Delve" means now. It is not a place, but a form of challenge. "To Delve" is to challenge oneself to a test of physical and mental brutality, by attempting to cooperate with people who all hate each other. If no one kills each other, then the "Delve" was successful. I conclude this because even though everyone on our "Team" seems to loathe me, they were appreciative when I saved the life of one of the iron clad "Turtle Warriors". I believe that another man in our group is seeking the path to perfection, much like I am. He tries to find what I call "Dangerous Puzzles.". They are quite ingeneous, actually. Levers, pulleys, poisonous gas, flames... Many ways to harm. This man seems to enjoy testing himself against these devices, in his search for perfection. I can respect that, although he looks like a bit of a ruffian. The blind priest is still blind, I think. I killed several creatures. They were called "ghobhlinz" I believe. They make funny sounds when you push your hand through thier skull. Sort of "AAAARRGHHGGGRGRGRGRGGGLLLLLL THUD" Perhaps it is a type of salute to a superior warrior? I should remember to make that sound if an enemy ever kills me, out of respect for his or her prowess. The group was very concerned with the counting and sorting of items that they found amongst the dead. It was interesting how quickly they wen from bickering and fighting to a merchants tone. Perhaps the meanness and cruelty is some sort of act? Maybe "Delving" is also a type of theater? I saw "Theater" once. They were people who pretended to be something other that what they were. I thought it was close to lying, so I took no truck with it and beat them senseless. I only later realized my mistake when I saw how sad the children who were watching became. "You killed Mr. Fluffypants!!!" they shouted at me. He wasn't dead, actually, but he would never be able to use that puppet again. Now that I understand that "Theater" is a lie that is ALLOWED, I might try to "act" myself. Maybe if I prance and caper like Mr. Fluffypants? No. That was for children. I have a distinct feeling that the audience for "Delving" is slightly more mature. I am still having difficulty controlling my body's smaller functions. I can't seem to move as economically as other people, and I think that they might begin to notice and think I am strange. I move a lot like Mr. Fluffypants. Everyone else moves smoothly. Perhaps if I learn to move smoothly, I will be closer to perfection. This I will ponder further.
May the mighty devourer of manhood never visit your bedchamber.



I met some VERY strange people who want to kill things. They don't like me. But they don't lie or cheat or hurt so far, so that's good. There is a friendly fellow who fights like I do, but calls himself a "Monk". Am I a "Monk"? I just am what I am, I guess. They think I am wierd for practicing all of the senses and abilities of the human form, but I should pity them, because they do not seek perfection. I hope they don't die for thier carelessness. There is also a strange man who seems to be obsessed with my clothing. He thinks I should wear a metal shell over my skin. How can you not be hit, when you are slow? He looks like a turtle. I told them that I didn't want any of thier gold and stuff, because when I'm hungry, I eat, and when I'm thirsty, I drink. I thought that that would make them happy, because they like gold and shiny things. But no one cared. There is a man who heals. Sort of. He only heals when you beg him. Maybe he is dim visioned? Perhaps I should mention that, and he can heal his eyes. I don't think was able to see my wounds. There is also an arcanum of some sort. Magic looks fun. I bet I could master it, once I am complete with perfecting my body. Body, mind, universe, and whatever is outside of that. I will discover them all and master them. We are in something called a "Delve" which appears to be a place to seek perfection through training. I haven't been paying much attention, so I don't understand what this "Delve" thing is al about. They say there are many places called "Delve" but how can this be? A place is what it IS. How can there be more than one "Delve"? Perhaps they are all part of the same thing? There is maybe only one TRUE "Delve". And all of the "Delves" are part of the whole? I will ponder this. As always, I promise I will try to bring Justice and Law, no matter what the price.
May the flesh of your forefathers not be consumed in a shrieking terror of nothingness,


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