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Exiles: Hunter's Moon


Here's the short version of every session so far:

Through the Gate
Setup: The end of the world is nigh and the characters have only one chance to escape.
Booty: Two solar compasses
+1 warhammer that glows blue if enemy within 30'
( made for a hobgoblin, everyone is your enemy)
Medallion of office, imperial surveyor 80gp
18gp, 134sp 256cp bearing talon empire symbol.
Copper pieces scored with cross shape to break up into quarters.
two 10' lengths of bronze chain, 20 bronze spikes
3 rust monster eggs.
Enough rust monster hide to make one suit of hide armor as light armor.
hvy crossbow
light crossbow
cheap wine x3
shaved dice
marked cards
Dried food for 48 meals consisting of cheap military issue goods
One suit of military issue studded leather armor with a lot of holes
Two suits of handmade studded leather armor
spool of hand wound spider silk line 30'
21' long shallow hulled boat full of supplies
various weapons
barrel of salt
half full barrel of pitch
12' long shallow boat with a leak
fishing gear
crocodile hide with a little work
map of region in draconic
Amber pommel worth 20gp
three silver tipped javelins
onyx cube 10gp
pearl in padded case 30gp
Yellow topaz 20gp
silver ring with rose pattern and missing stone 50gp
Silver holy symbol of the talon empire 50gp
The book of the Talon 5gp

The First Four Days
Setup: The party has emerged into a strange ruined landscape.
Booty: Scout class ship
100 meals of rations
spell book
extra armor and weapons
small change

Belkin's Fount
Setup: Fleeing from the Imperial lands, the Exiles lead a ragtag, fugitive fleet, on a lonely quest, for the shining hope of a safe haven.
Booty: Silver embossed single horn 25gp
8 medallions of office in the talon empire 50gp each.
Ornate bejelwed key 200gp
Wand of daylight shaped like sun tower 13cr
Wand of owl's wisdom shaped with metal owl tip 27cr
2 gold candlesticks 125gp each
Sacrificial knife, bejeweled 1,500gp
180gp in loose coin
Cut glass goblet 100gp
Carved ebony bowl 250gp
Aged semi useless supplies
Small villa
some wooded canoes made for small creatures.

Raider's Haul
Setup: He who bakes and waits in the shadows
Booty: Rusting and rotting gear
mysterious jar from Grider
Incomplete black smith shop
All the flail snail slime you can bottle
Large pink and spotted shell

A mighty fortress
Setup: The itsy bitsy drider went up the chimney spout. Down came the greek fire and burned the adventurers up.
Booty: Library of wild mix of books of arcane magic, the planes, trashy novels, and a copy of the holy book of Shador, the god of mourning.

Carved jasper ring 40gp
Aqua marine pebble necklace 400gp
MW imperial officer's longsword
oil of flame arrow (kieth)
Wand of touch of fatigue 16cr
Potion of tongues
Adamantium chisel
Decrotive bowl 15gp
130 pp
61 gp
Amber bead 7gp
black pearl 250gp
Bloodstone 45gp
ivory comb 45gp

topaz orb 500gp
MW greataxe
Two used scrolls
wand of lullaby 37cr
wand of remove fear 50cr
Runestaff of the tainted hand
12 greeek fires
4 sleep gasses
76 pp
192 gp
15 sp
3 cp

Disressions, diversions and disembowlments.
Booty: 118gp
Amethyst amulet 70gp
aquamarine ring 50gp
Rose quart medallion 50gp
tiger eye stone 10
flask oil
portable ram
combat rope net
scroll case
iron box and key

Setup: Home is where you hang your heads
Booty: A crudely made great ace reclaimed by Egghorn
Several crude rafts.
Froglegs, really big froglegs.

Frog in a boiling pot
Setup: More mayhem and things are hopping
Booty: Mw heavy mace
least phoenix crystal
jade bowl 100gp
438 gp
scroll remove paralysis

Big Mother's house
Setup: Werewolf? There wolf, there castle.
Booty: 4 potions of levitation
2 potions of haste
2 potion of reduce person
Wand of shield 47
wand of invisibility 48
200 gp wolf head ring - dog whistle
Bracers of armor +6
ring of resistance +1
Necklace of fireball 2 2d6
bag of tricks - gray
feather token - bird
werewolf bones
fiendish worg skin

The other guys
Setup: Another group of orcs and men freeing slaves and kicking ass. Maybe a bad thing?
Booty: Treasure:
Turtle control scepter. Useless with out magic collar

1,600 gp with Jarn Ironclaw’s face on one side worth half normal value due to impurities
500gp in old empire coin
2,000gp with round hole in middle and “United merchant’s guaranteed” inscribed in draconic, godlinoid, celestial and fiendish.
800ep in old empire coin
1,000 gp sapphire in velvet lined wooden box with brass plate identifying it as the pink pony. A certificate within also identifies it and explains it’s name due to horse shaped imperfection deep within the gem.
Medal of gallantry
Silver chalice commemorating crowning of Emperor Venger the second 100gp
Potion of csw
Potion of invisibility 3rd
Ornate brass Brazier 50gp
.Scroll of dispel magic
Scroll of ghost touch armor
Vial of holy water
Quiver worked with images of nude godlinoid cavorting drunkenly with bear 10gp
4 silver, 4 cold iron, 4 +1 heavy crossbow bolts.
Talon empire sergeants medallion. Leg breakers heavy foot. 10gp
7 Air stones

A unknown monster guards the slaughter stone below the temple of the four winds.
The temple contains a font of air which create a air stone once each week.
A air stone may be cast to the ground as a move action to grant 50min of fly.
A air stone may be cast into the air to create a whirlwind that can carry up to 15 medium sized creature as fly spell under the control of the stone thrower who must enter the whirlwind to control it.
The dark naga Nide was collecting humans for a unknown purpose.

A noble named Toran Bazt had taken a old hill fort that had been a school of some sort at one time as his stronghold and declared himself Baron of the flooded lands.

He has traded gold for all the denizens of Brodrick that had been collected by the renegade warlord Three fingers, but finding it hard to feed so many people has taken to sending out the sick, elderly, and crippled out to forage and scout to dwindle their number’s.

Toren’s wife and mother in law are arcane spell casters and his bodyguard, Bren is noted as a warrior of skill and might.

Brigham has found rumors of a Fane of beast said to grant magical powers to those who handle animals allowing them to train even magical beast if they pass the test of the sprit of the fane.

Oslov Tars has brought rumors of a cult in Trover’s rest that uses a black dagger as their symbol and has a young boy who heals at will.

The Lost city of Noran
Setup: "Perhaps I send off the old people too soon, I could use a few expendables right now."
"No darling, they smelled bad and did nothing but complain. If you need fools to do the dying for you, adventurers will come. They always do."
Booty: Tim: Boots of swiftness +30'
Keith: +3 shortsword of defense
Mike - Sorcerer's robe

Belt of the noble +2 dex +2 con

potion of clw x2
potion of cmw x2

Ring of arcane signets
Endless bandilire

Clasp swarm bane
pistol 9 shots
blunderbust 12 shots

shield x3
charm person x3
monster summoning
arcne lock
invisibility x3
pyrotechnics x3
monster summning 3
stinking cloud

Spell book
all the above spells plus
mage armor
feather fall
protection from arrows

Back to the Keep
Setup: Why did Ramos want all the adventures out of town at the same time?
Booty: Bracers of javelins
mw dagger with a spider shaped engraved on the blade and a two red gems shaped into a hourglass set into the hilt
Mw thieves tools concealed in lining of wide belt
300gp worth of 27 multicolored low quality pearls.
1,997 gp in steal cashbox
wand of magic missile with 15 charges.
3 javilins with magic mouth spell on them

The Jaulcarney, a steamship
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