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New Horizons


The Far Trader, a Comerciante merchant ship sailing out of Estoril, was making its way to Western Sea. Four weeks out the lookout spotted sails on the horizon. It soon became apparent that the other ship was a pirate vessel. Over the course of a day the pirates closed the range. As sunset approached the winds began to pick up, a clouds began to roll in. Just before sunset the pirates began firing on the Far Trader. While the Far Trader suffered some damage, the pirates were unable to disable the ship before sunset. The Far Trader's captain tried to shake pursuit by navigating through an archipelago. But winds from earlier developed into an actual storm. And this proved to be beyond the captain's skill.

After hours of battling the storm the ship ran aground with sickening crash. Her side stove in pinned to the reef by the storm, the Far Trader pummeled by the waves for what seemed an eternity.

As the sun rose and the skies cleared the surviving crew found themselves in a broken ship, stranded on a desert island, with the ship's officers lost to either the pirates or the storm.
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