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New Horizons


A brief description of the characters and their motives (as described by the players):

Truman Timbers Whefield - Steve
A self-sufficient priest of Lythertida, the voiceless tragedy. He doesn't talk much and tries to let his actions speak for him. He is strong, but not big -- he's extremely wiry and almost never uses a weapon.
He travels light carrying only a small bag, a pouch and a shovel strapped to his back. He is tall and nearly completely hairless. He wears the clothing of a laborer and has weathered face shows he has spent much of his short life outside.

Rance Farseer - Mick
Rance is a half elven sailor and carpenter. He generally wears a white shirt and black pants with a red sash and knee high black leather boots

Bob - Tim
A Dwarf with a gun, need I say more?

Lanquor Monteray Folivor esq. - joe
A platinum haired pale-skinned elf. He is dressed in a fashionable set of burgundy stained, tooled leather armor studded with metal squares engraved with commonly summoned animals, a good set of folded over low heeled black boots, a crisp white poofy shirt and a hat with a sensibly short feather. At hit side is an antique long sword with a cat's eye gem in the pommel.

The luggage. A dark stained metal reinforced chest, carved and engraved with mystical symbols. A set of four articulated metal leg fold underneath in a hollow space.

Chuck - Lou
Chuck is Lou's character.

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