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New Horizons


Long ago an enterprising crew of Reiziger sailed far into the waters of the western sea, farther than any who had gone before. They discovered lands and peoples unknown. In the years other crews have braved the Western Sea, exploring, trading and other times settling.

Only peoples of a few nations have a presence in the Western Sea:

A small coastal Kingdom of rolling hills separated from its neighbors by mountains the Comerciante have long depended on the sea. The kingdom is a collection of city states, ruled by Dukes and dominated by various merchant and trade houses. Their ships have gone wherever there is trade to be had.

While not technically a theocracy, the temples of Noblilium are a strong force in the kingdom. The kingdom has in the past tried to spread its orthodoxy by the sword. While Nobilium is a very structured land, with a great emphasis on personal honor, it's people are also known for their passion, even flamboyance. The great powers of Nobilium have commissioned several expeditions to the Western Seas, to spread the word of their gods, and if their coffers should be lined in the process so much the better.

In days long past the Reiziger were known mostly as raiders, while those days are (mostly) past the Reiziger are known as far ranging traders and explorers. Indeed it was. Reiziger who discovered land in far into western sea. The have settlements scattered throughout the new lands, and quite a few have found employment as mercenaries in the Western lands.

The kingdom of Ritter has its roots in the distant past, where it was carved out by a warrior king. While the noble houses of Ritter are descended from the warriors of old, they are known for their decadence. Ritter has become a center of learning, research being done for its own sake. The nobles of Ritter take pride in being patrons of the arts and sciences.

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