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New Horizons

Weigh Anchor - 10


Leaving Federstadt, and Chuck, behind the Far Trader turns northward. The trader that Lance had spoke to offered to have one of his people guide the hero's inland in exchange for transporting himself and his goods to his home, which is located Ro Madden, the Mother River.
While there is evidence that the pirates headed north, Federstadt is in the middle of a chain of island that runs roughly north south. Also, further north and west lies the Shattered Islands.
As the ship sails toward Techneti, the morning watch comes on decks to eerie silence only broken the creaking of the rigging and an intriguing melody in the distance.


The Far Trader sailed north, hoping to find more about the spear and it's purpose. On the fourth day, the sound of morning silence was deafening; not even the morning bell had sounded to announce the change of watch.

The characters came on deck and they could hear singing in the distance. It was lovely female voices and the crew seemed mesmerized -- they'd broken course and were sailing hard towards the voices. As they approached the islands, birds suddenly took flight.

A moment later a quartet of harpies was on the deck along with their giant sea eagle flunkies. The battle was hard fought particularly by Rance who seemed to be everywhere at once and attacking everywhere.

They killed those aboard the ship and tried to recover some items that had been lost in the water before they continued to the island.

At the island they found two shipwrecks and as they explored one of them, a hulking crab appeared followed quickly by his fellows. They fought well, but were no match for the group whe went on to fight the apparent queen of the harpies before they found her lair and the treasures of her tribe.


Mick: Are you saying Steve's a pawn?
Joe: (Holds up Steve's character sheet) Look at his head (he's bald)

Mick: Something about Harpy thongs.

Lou: But is his head as big as his attitude?

Tim: Plink, plink, plink, are you wet yet?
Mick: Of course he is, he's a crab!

The Spoils

Cutlass +1
Potion-expeditious retreat-
Restorative Ointment 2 doses - in gold clam shell 50gp
Iron Rope 20

4 cannon
75 cannon balls
Assorted boarding axes, cutlass, and lt crossbows


Agate (8 gp)
Carnelian (40 gp)
Freshwater Pearl (11 gp)
Lapis Lazuli (12 gp)
Sardonyx (60 gp)
Shell (10 gp)
2 x Agate (11 gp)
Green Spinel (60 gp)
Sard (55 gp)
Alabaster (13 gp)
Hematite (10 gp)
Sardonyx (50 gp)
Freshwater Pearl (8 gp)
Freshwater Pearl (11 gp)
Lapis Lazuli (13 gp)
Milky Quartz (55 gp)
Turquoise (12 gp)
Agate (10 gp)
Lapis Lazuli (9 gp)
Copper scepter with gold inlay (50 gp)
Decorated silver plate (60 gp)
Gold and ivory decanter (400 gp)
Gold holy symbol (100 gp)
Gold statue of a dragon (110 gp)
Painting of a noblewoman (50 gp)
Polished darkwood chalice (50 gp)
Bronze flagon with warrior images (50 gp)
Elaborate copper wind chimes (20 gp)
Gold candelabra with holy symbol (200 gp)
Marble idol (300 gp)
Silver comb with ornate handle (75 gp)
Silver holy symbol (25 gp)
Silver scepter with eagle symbols (125 gp)
Platinum holy symbol (500 gp)

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Bob 9124.0 432.0 2160.0 11716 Need 3284 for level 5
Love is blind +216
Restart +216

Lanquor Monteray Folivor esq. 10300.0 432.0 2160.0 12892 Need 2108 for level 5
lubing up the harpy +216
restart +216

Mo'ment 5600.0 432.0 2160.0 8192 Need 808 for level 4
cannon ball +216
restart +216

Rance Farseer 10102.0 432.0 2160.0 12694 Need 2306 for level 5
agility +216
restart +216

Timbers 10572.0 432.0 2160.0 13164 Need 1836 for level 5
harpy three way +216
restart +216

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