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New Horizons

For Whom the Bell Tolls - 4


The crew is gathered in the warehouse in for their auction. A dozen or so merchants and their retainers have gathered for the event, and the din of their conversation makes drowns the attempts to get the sale started. In frustration Rance strikes a ships bell that was in the Far Traderís hold. But instead of a clear note, the bellís dull tone causes a sense of foreboding in all those present. It did have the desired effect, the din dies down quickly. Shortly after, the cityís alarm bells begin to ring.


Ringing the bell turned out to be a terrible idea. Within moments, waterlogged ships filled with undead emerged at the docks; most of them just floated up as though they had been beneath the surface for years, but a few actually seemed to sail in.

The undead quickly piled out of their ships and onto the docks with a clear intention to punish the living. Bob and Chuck, who were aboard The Far Trader, engaged with firepower and magic respctively. The creatures, though affected, did not seem overly harmed by their attacks.

Rance emerged from the auction house and ran down the dock at full speed making it to the Far Trader's slip before being surrounded by a half-dozen of the slimy creatures. Timber and Lanquor were more circumspect and engaged the first group of undead they saw. Timber enhanced his hands with the power of his goddess and Lanquor further assisted by making the warrior half again his size. The three of them engaged a group of about a dozen undead.

The battle was tough -- Chuck and Bob seemed to be feeling the dread of these things and found them hard to hit, while Rance was surrounded and eventually one of them grappled him and drug him into the water. Luckily, around that moment, Lanquor and Timber finished off the last of theirs and Timber dived in to save him.

Bob and Chuck were holding their own when Lanquors two dog minions joined them and the tenor of the battle finally changed to favor them. A moment later, Rance, bolstered by the healing powers of Lythertida joined them as well. They were down to only a single creature when Timber launched himself from the dock to tackle it only to stumble badly on the launch and crash into Rance. Luckily, Bob, Chuck, and the dogs finished him off before the creature could take advantage of them.

Lanquor checked the larger ship and found a treasure chest which Rance was able to open; the other chest had only small sea chest. There was a fair amount of booty between the dead creatures and the two chests.

They were interrogated by the captain of the guard who seemed to feel their bell was responsible. Rance had swapped out the bell he rang for a different one but soon found the evil bell was now the ship's bell on the Far Trader. The guard did not seem impressed by the arguments offered by either Rance or Lanquor and finally 1000 silver pieces earned his silence.

Studying the cursed bell they found it had markings that might be a map and it was inscribed Blood Eagle. The Blood Eagle was the ship of the infamous pirate Roargar the Red who had plied the coast of the Beast Lands so ferociously that an actual bounty was declared on him.

The Beast Lands (aka Flower Continent aka Tuechtetal) is known for unfriendly natives.


Joe: I'm a fop, so I'm claiming I have a sach-it (sachet) on me.

Lanquor: Get him out of the water.
Steve: I dive in to save him.
Joe: I was thinking 9' tall guy could just reach in and pull him out.
Steve: I am a man of action.

Joe: You shouldn't jump around too much with a dagger in your mouth.
GM: Especially if it's a loaded dagger-pistol.
Group: Kaboom!

GM: Even it's Chuck, Odd it's Bob.
Steve: I dunno, I think they're both pretty odd.

The Spoils

Steve: Oil of Protection from Evil

3 potions of Infernal Healing (grants Fast Heal 1 but character detects as evil while potion is in effect)
Oil of Mage Armor
Oil of Protection from Evil
Restorative Ointment (like Keoghtom's Ointment)
+1 Buckler
+1 Cold Iron Short Sword

About 360 gold pieces worth of Jewelry
1000 Silver - given to guard as bribe.

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Bob 3054.0 150.0 369.0 3573 Need 1427 for level 3
loaded dagger clenched in teeth +150

Chuck 2912.0 150.0 369.0 3431 Need 1569 for level 3
weaponized fry pan +150

Lanquor Monteray Folivor esq. 3104.0 150.0 369.0 3623 Need 1377 for level 3
they got this +150

Rance Farseer 2912.0 300.0 369.0 3581 Need 1419 for level 3
charge the dead things +150
Bell ringer +150

Timbers 3012.0 300.0 369.0 3681 Need 1319 for level 3
death from above +150
lay the dead to rest, again +150

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