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New Horizons

The Tower - 6


As the party approaches the watchtower they saw from the ship they come across an overgrown rampart. The rampart is about five feet tall, and about as wide at the top. Spaced along the top are a series of stone markers, spaced about ten feet apart. Lanquor pulls one out of the circle to examine, but is unable to decipher it’s runic script.
Within the Rampart are the remains of several long buildings, their stone walls standing but their roofs long since fallen in. The tower itself is at the far edge of the enclosure, aparrently only a few feet from the cliff’s edge. Of note is that while the vegetation around the enclosure is lush, within the plant life seems sickly.


As Rance crossed the barrier about a dozen undead of various types appeared within the ruins. A few were armed with bows and quickly attacked while others were armed rusty and barely functional weapons. The crew of the Far Trader engaged these vile creatures and soon brought their reign of terror over the ruins to an end. They investigated and found some booty in the form of both magical items and treasures.

After some investigation they turned up a trap door which led beneath the settlement to some naturally occurring vents. They followed the vents and eventually encountered another pair of undead pirates who tried to end their investigation. They were dealt with quickly and also yielded some rich treasure.

They continued going down and finally smelled the brine of sea air. They continued down until they found themselves in a large water-filled cavern. Looking around, they found many bones of the dead; it was clear that natives had fought hard against the pirates, but there were many dead on both sides and there was no way to tell if the natives or pirates had won the battle.

Beached on the shore of this natural cavern was a waterlogged ship with tattered sails. There were none of the old sails left, but it was pretty clear they had found the Blood Eagle.


Joe: Everyone picks on Chuck; they're just jumping on the Chuckwagon.

Joe: People always target my because of my large chest.

Steve: Great, I'm on one side of the door and a guy with a musket is on the other.

Joe: No railings on the stairs!? We're from OSHA.

Joe: You must have known this stuff is unsafe -- you're all dead.

Steve: Man, Chuck is kicking ass tonight!

The Spoils

Mick: MW composite Shortbow for +2 Strength, Potion of Ablative Barrier, Sash of Tumbling

Steve: Potion of Enlarge Person

Lou : Potion of Protection from Arrows

Joe: Scabbard of Honing

Tim: 10 Stones of Faerie Fire

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Bob 4333.0 102.0 1022.0 5457 Went from Level 2 to 3
Need 3543 for level 4
crackshot +102

Chuck 4135.0 0.0 511.0 4646 Need 354 for level 3

Lanquor Monteray Folivor esq. 4455.0 102.0 1022.0 5579 Went from Level 2 to 3
Need 3421 for level 4
He has a sword?!?! +102

Rance Farseer 4341.0 102.0 1022.0 5465 Went from Level 2 to 3
Need 3535 for level 4
Fancy Footwork +102

Timbers 4669.0 102.0 1022.0 5793 Went from Level 2 to 3
Need 3207 for level 4
bitch-slapping an archer +102

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