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New Horizons

The Blood Eagle - 7


The prow of the ancient ship is well up on the sand. The ship has a single main deck with a partial aft deck. While the ship’s stern is under water, the aft deck is above water. The ship’s lone mast has toppled to the side, it’s lines long since rotted away.
The pebbled beach is covered with debris. Driftwood and boulders are evident, as well as old timbers and barrels. It also becomes apparent that there are a number of skeletal remains among the litter and moss, some of which appear to have weapons.
“I wasn’t dreaming? There is someone there?” comes a female voice from the deck of the ship.


Rance and Lanquor struck up a conversation with the attractive woman. She explained that she had been aboard the ship for the battle and had been stuck here when the captain was speared. Somehow his death or the spear had somehow trapped her spirit. As they talked they noticed she was beautiful and had strange marks on her back. She was not undead nor evil as far as they could tell although she was enchanted.

As Bob, Truman, and Rance boarded the ship with the intention of replacing the bell, a strange voice spoke to Lanquor and he found himself compelled to remove the spear. When he did, the woman laughed maniacally and was revealed to be a winged demon. About a half-dozen other demons joined her.

There was a furious battle and the demons proved difficult to slay -- it was even harder since about half of them, including the woman, could fly. Bob blasted her twice with his musket while the others were tied up dealing with her allies. It wasn't easy as the demons seemed immune to some damage and the battle was tough. Both Timbers and the Luggage were enlarged which helped but was barely enough.

Luckily, Timbers managed to clear the last of the minor demons just in time to grab her by an ankle and swing her onto Rance's spear. She disappeared in a pool of ichor.

After killing the rest of the demons, they checked the dead and the ship for treasure and found some. Once they had cleared the treasure from the ship, they finally replaced the bell. A long rope was used to ring it while they were ashore as no one was certain what would happen.

A quintet of undead appeared even as the bell dissolved into dust. the undead were dispatched quickly and the group laid their plans for their continuing adventures.


GM: It has a half-aft deck.
Players: (snickering)
Steve: Half-aft.

Joe: It is I, Captain Folivora
Mick: Full of what?
Joe: I looked up the scientific name for Sloth. I have a theme, Pride.

Lou: Oh, spear not sphere.

Steve: Puny God!

GM: Timber grabs her by the ankle and swings her, slamming her onto the tip of Rance's spear. Rance feels a slight burning sensation.
Joe: Not the first time a woman has left him with a burning sensation.
Steve: On his "spear".
Mick: First time was your mother.

The Spoils

Joe: Potion of Bull's Strength, Potion of Shield of Faith, Oil of Purify Food & Drink

Lou: Scroll of Hypnotize, Scroll of Protection from Evil.

Mick: Holy Spear +1

Tim: Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Oil of Magic Weapon

Steve: Bracers of +2 Armor Class
Art Objects

Copper brazier with religious markings (50 gp)
Ivory bowl with animal carvings (40 gp)
Fan with electrum slats (75 gp)
Silver noble family seal (60 gp)
Masterwork darkwood lute (300 gp)
Masterwork lyre (100 gp)
Silver statue of a dragon (65 gp)

Agate (11 gp)
Citrine (35 gp)
Pyrite (9 gp)
Azurite (9 gp)
Ivory (60 gp)
Rock Quartz (11 gp)
Smoky Quartz (40 gp)
Tigereye (11 gp)
Turquoise (9 gp)
Freshwater Pearl (9 gp)
Ivory (50 gp)
Tigereye (11 gp)
100 pieces Lapis lazuli 20gp ea

3142 gp of gold bars, coins, and corse jewelry
887sp of hacksiver and ancient coin
3280 cp in coins and simple jewelry

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Bob 5457.0 542.0 844.0 6843 Need 2157 for level 4
For whom the bell tolls +500
Updated character sheet +42

Chuck 4646.0 584.0 1688.0 6918 Went from Level 2 to 3
Need 2082 for level 4
For whom the bell tolls +500
I have other spells? +84

Lanquor Monteray Folivor esq. 5579.0 752.0 1688.0 8019 Need 981 for level 4
For whom the bell tolls +500
Here, use the weapon the GM planted +84
Delegating obeying the demon +84
stunt Bob +84

Rance Farseer 5465.0 668.0 1688.0 7821 Need 1179 for level 4
For whom the bell tolls +500
Fancy footwork +84
taking up the magic spear +84

Timbers 5793.0 710.0 1688.0 8191 Need 809 for level 4
For whom the bell tolls +500
Character sheet +42
Timbers Smash! +84
Keep smacking instead of healing +84

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