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New Horizons

The Isle of Two Towers - 8


After carefully maneuvering the Fartrader into the hidden cove the crew gets to work. After seeing to the dead the crew gathers any salvage from the wreck, cave, and the fort on the bluff. There are a few injuries as the crew forages for supplies, there are some large flightless birds who donít like to be trifled with.
Sailing the ship around to the north the second tower comes into view. It sits approximately half mile above the beech, near the summit. As the longboat comes ashore the forest goes silent. Through a break in the trees the tower can be seen, smoke beginning to rise from it.


The crew approached the tower aware that they had been observed since a signal fire had been lit on the roof. They didn't let this disturb them much and just approached the tower somewhat casually and definitely overconfidently.

Their overconfidence was rewarded with a hail of arrows which galvanized them into action. Timbers ran for side of the tower and attempted to scale it to get to the archers. Ranse charged for the very door which Timbers had seen as too dangerous. He was lucky enough not to be killed when the trap went off, but not by much. He soon found himself the lone enemy of several undead and some rats. He was taking quite the beating until Lanquor and the Luggage joined him. Bob and Chuck attacked the ones on the roof while Timbers continued his climb.

The battle inside the tower was fierce and Ranse was eventually overcome by the number of enemies he faced. Timbers made it to the roof and killed the remaining archers, making it safe for Bob and Chuck to join the battle inside. Timbers started down as Lanquor and the others continued to battle their way up.

It was a fierce fight for those inside the tower for the demons and the dead were unrelenting in their fury and their dedication to their post. In the end, it didn't matter -- the party was able to finally put an end to the foul beasts.

Ranse was revived from his shock and the undead creatures that remained were given their last rites.


GM: You hammerfist his chest into his pelvis.

Mick: Ranse goes down.
Lou: You have a dead body manhandle Tim?

JOe: The dog just threw you a bone.

The Spoils

Oil of Abundant Ammunition (3rd level)- Bob?
Alchemist fire X3
Mithral Kukri - Rance
MW dagger with gold hilt-200gp
MW long sword X3
MW long bow X3
silver arrows 200
Gold Torque 50 gp
Silver Drinking Horn 100gp
Gold Brooch 75 gp
hack silver jewelry 20gp
random coin 50gp

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Bob 6843.0 153.0 1028.0 8024 Need 976 for level 4
Fire Support +102
Trample a halfling +51

Lanquor Monteray Folivor esq. 8019.0 153.0 1028.0 9200 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 5800 for level 5
Distract the Archers +102
Trying to taunt a Rat, & dragging the bleeding guy +51

Rance Farseer 7821.0 153.0 1028.0 9002 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 5998 for level 5
Storming the tower +102
Research +51

Timbers 8191.0 153.0 1028.0 9372 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 5628 for level 5
Not going in the scary doorway +51
Messing with the defense by scaling the tower +102

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