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New Horizons

Break In! - 9


The Fartrader is refitted and resupplied. As the party takes a last batch of goods to the company’s store they are meant with a surprise. Chuck, who had moved in days ago, is nowhere to be found. There is a fire on the hearth, and breakfast is warm on the table, but Chuck is nowhere to be found. When the store room is checked things are scattered about, there is a blood smear on the floor next to a rough, three foot wide hole in the floor.


The players decided to investigate the hole and soon found themselves in a natural cavern which they followed into a sewer. They tracked through the sewer which was cut into limestone. The walls were slick and the floor was wet in most places. They eventually came to a cave filled with a half-dozen bugs.

Bob identified them as cave crickets. They were, he said, likely be very loud and also pretty good eating. The group set about trying to kill them quickly when suddenly Timbers was lifted from the fight by a creature on the ceiling with a long sticky tongue.

Bob identified that one as a cave fisher. With the help of Ranse, Timbers was freed and the pair then killed the giant bug as the others finished off the crickets.

They continued further and found themselves entering a large chamber. At its center was an island where two very pale humanoids had Chuck tied to an altar on an island in the middle of the room which was partially flooded.

Lanquor used his magic to make the others faster and they rushed forward to join the battle. The fight was difficult as there were nearly a dozen creatures in the room and the heroes didn't have very good tactics. The villains paired up where they seemed to be very effective fighting together. Eventually the tide turned when Lanquor slowed some and enlarged Bob. The last of the creatures was finally killed and Chuck explained he had heard a sound from the basement of the shop and they overpowered him when he investigated. He also announced he would no longer be on the crew and was moving his living quarters upstairs in the Chuck Wagon, the shop he was running.


Joe: I cast light down the hole where Chuck became a hole-y man.

Tim: Is he now ground Chuck?

GM: Perception Check
Players: (several high numbers)
Steve: 7. I'm not sure I notice they noticed something.

MIck: You could throw the dead cavefisher on the cricket.
Steve (indignant): Not now I can't.
Mick: Why not?
Steve: Because now it's not cool, it's just doing what I've been told.

Lou: No shit, there I was sitting on a chamberpot.

GM: The morlock is launched into your arms.
Tim: I grab him
Lou (quietly): Like a long lost lover.

The Spoils

111 gold each in gems and coin.

Chuck Wagon: Bronze Warrior Status (15gp), Decorated Silver Plage (60 gp), 2 Ivory Bowls with Animal Carvings (40 gp ea), Silver Holy Symbol (25 gp), Silver Statue of Dragon (65 gp), Potion of Invigorate (50 gp), Scroll of Color Spray (25 gp), Oil of Purify Food and Drink (50 gp)

Tim: Ivory Drinking Horn with copper fittings, Oil of Magic Weapon, 40 Silver Bullets

Lou: Oil of Hide from Undead

Joe: Mithral Long Sword, Oil of Animate Rope

Mick: Masterwork Sword Cane

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Bob 8024.0 100.0 1000.0 9124 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 5876 for level 5
shooting into the crowd +100

Lanquor Monteray Folivor esq. 9200.0 100.0 1000.0 10300 Need 4700 for level 5
Canine tripping hazard +100

Mo'ment 5000.0 200.0 400.0 5600 Need 3400 for level 4
Electricity + Water +100
character copy +100

Rance Farseer 9002.0 100.0 1000.0 10102 Need 4898 for level 5
mobile offense +100

Timbers 9372.0 200.0 1000.0 10572 Need 4428 for level 5
Hello sailor (working the docks) +100
They weren't the right kind of evil +100

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