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The Game with the Dogs

You meet at a tavern - 1


At the Tavern
What can I get you?


The group was recruited by Fiona Corgi to investigate the disappearance of a well-know cat named One-Eyed Molly. There were rumors she'd found a map to some hidden tomb, but she had left town never to return. She suggested they start by speaking with Ruby Labrador, a constable assigned to investigate the disappearance.

They went to Riverwall (aka The Cat Quarter) and found her. THey spoke with her and she eventually revealed that her investigation had led her to a mercenary named Derry Lurcher who had also been asking after Molly. They determined to help her find Derry.

As they spoke a dog came in and whispered to her. She asked the group to come with them and they joined her. Outside the station they found a group of cats in robes threatening civilians. While Ruby and the other police helped the citizens move to safety, the party quickly dispatched them.

When they were done, they checked but found no clues as to where the cats came from before entering the sewers. They headed to the library and met with Lancaster Pug. After some discussion, he provided them with a copy of the map he thought Molly had. He also mentioned he'd been forced to give a mercenary in a green cloak a similar map at swordpoint.

The group followed the map and after two days travel they found the excavation site of Vinsen's Tomb. Entering carefully they found an antechamber and a secret room. It was clear whomever had been here first had not found the room. In the room they killed some giant rats and recovered the sword and shield of Vinsen.

They continued to explore and found a temple and then a burial chamber beyond it. Two zombies attacked in the burial chamber and once they were dispatched 4 more and Derry Lurcher joined the battle. The pioneers keyed on Lurcher and when he died the other zombies were killed as well. When Lurcher died the outsider who had been possessing him was expelled into an inky black pool which managed to escape them.

They returned the sword and shield to Pugmire where it was added to the royal armory.


GM: You're a pioneer, kind of special unit for the nobles.
Mick: We're Law Dogs!

Loko Dalmation: Oh, well spotted.

Loko: What a rude person! She didn't even sniff our butts.

GM: It's a cat, but the smell says it's already dead.
Loko: Oh, so it's the good kind.

The Spoils


Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Asimov 0.0 75.0 225.0 300
Roleplaying +75

Dog Quixote 0.0 75.0 225.0 300
Roleplaying +75

Hern Malamute 0.0 75.0 225.0 300
Roleplaying +75

Loko Dalmatian 0.0 75.0 225.0 300
Roleplaying +75

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