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The Game with the Dogs

Cat-aclysm - 10


In a Hidden Monarchy Enclave
Your majesty, it appears our dog allies are dead or scattered?
No one cares. Dogs are dead and all is right with the world.
But your majesty, what about the distraction?
It was just distraction.

Outside the City
Set up a picket line over there. No one crosses it. No one.
Yes sir.


After reporting to the capitol, the Pioneers met with the Captain of the Royal Guard and a Minister. They were told about a suspected cat plot and asked to investigate. They agreed and quickly made plans to head north and see if a cat army had gathered.

They rode about a day and a half and came across a stray called Gareth Forester. He claimed to have seen a cat patrol and was headed to the capital to report it. They convinced him to take them to where he had seen the patrol.

They arrived and waited for about an hour when they heard the sounds of an approaching patrol. The Pioneers made quick work of the half-dozen cats of the patrol and identified them as members of House Korat. They were wearing colors that were slightly off for Korat and all of them had torn insignia off their tabards. One cat was taken alive and was sent back to the capitol with Gareth and the courier.

They backtracked a bit and found the patrol had been moving in a circle. They opted to head for the center of that circle; an hour in they spotted a sniper who was killed by a flying Ralfy. From his new spot Ralfy could see a cat encampment of perhaps three score soldiers.

They discussed tactics and finally settled on Asimov using a spell to kill many and then they'd mop up the rest. His spell proved very effective killing more than half of them in a single minute. The leader of the group, looking at the condition of his troops decided to surrender and his companions followed suit.

After some confusing discussion, the soldiers were stripped of weapons and their camp burned. They were told to go back to Mau. The leader was bound and captured and marched back to the Capitol for interrogation.

Heading back, they found a column headed north in response to Gareth and the courier. The commander of the column had 50 of his soldiers go to follow the score or so of cats and capture or kill them. The remainder formed a guard for the pioneers and their prisoner.


Joe: 50 shades of grey hound

Joe: We disguise ourselves as cats in their uniform.
Tim: Fat guy in a little coat.

The Spoils

Some of these items were received in trade.

Joe - Mace +1, potion of healing

Lou - Crossbow +1

Mick - Staff +1, potion of healing

Tim - Great Sword +2, potion of healing

Keith - Long Bow of Speed +1

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Asimov 15950.0 1500.0 2500.0 19950
Story Goal: Hero of Pugmire +1500

Dog Quixote 14025.0 1500.0 2500.0 18025
Story Goal: Hero of Pugmire +1500

Hern Malamute 16400.0 1500.0 2500.0 20400
Story Goal: Hero of Pugmire +1500

Loko Dalmatian 16550.0 1500.0 2500.0 20550
Story Goal: Hero of Pugmire +1500

Ralfy 16275.0 1500.0 2500.0 20275
Story Goal: Hero of Pugmire +1500

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