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The Game with the Dogs

Asking a favor - 2


The Royal Library
Aha! That's it! Now, how will I prove my theory?

At the Fo ing
Yes, yes, it is mine, all mine!


The pioneers were contacted by Maximillian Pug. He had a map and some rumors and he hoped they would investigate for him and perhaps bring back the things they found. After a brief discussion, he gave them the map and told them what he knew about the place called Fo Ing.

They gathered some supplies and headed east. Their first stop was in the village of Lhasoville where the local inn had no name but the owner Billy Basset made them welcome and filled them in on local gossip which included some cats about a day away. After a discussion, they felt it was likely the cats were the same ones they had fought and killed in Pugmire. Billy arranged for them to get ferried across the river by Red, a wire-haired pointer.

He pointed them at a spot he thought might be a safe place to spend the night. They hiked there through a miserable drizzle but then decided to move on for fear of meeting others. They eventually ran into a pair of badgers who were out hunting. The badgers warned about the cats and also gave them better directions to Fo Ing and warned them it was dangerous and there might be rats.

They made their way there and found themselves staring at the front of a once large building with more than half of it caved in. As they crossed the flat space in front of the building, they heard a strange rustling. As they continued, Hern noticed that there were plastic bags seemingly moving towards them. A few moments later his suspicions were confirmed as a handful of bags flew towards them from the trees.

He and Ralfy drew bows and began shooting while Loko blessed the group and Asimov used his magic. A few minutes later, the first handful were dead, but it was clear they could be dangerous. Hern and Ralfy formed a shield wall which blocked the bags from getting to them while they slashed at them with swords. It appeared the bags had little if any intelligence.

With the bags neutralized, they entered the building and found a set of stairs which they followed to an office. It was empty but there were sings of recent rat occupancy. They searched and found a box with a trigger attached. They boxed it up and brought it with them. They searched the office and didn't find anything interesting.

They made there way to the main part of building where they were forced to dispatch a trio of starving normal rats. A moment later, they were attacked by giant rats which they also made relatively short work of. They had seen the door where the rats were released and headed there quickly.

They came into another mostly ruined area. To their left there was a door with a light coming from beneath it. They opened the door and found two rat-men in robin's egg blue garments with a cat strapped to a table with tubes in it. There was a discussion and the rats treated them with a little too much disdain and Ralfy attacked. The others joined in and the rats were killed and the cat freed.

The group headed back to Pugmire bringing the rescued cat with them.


Maximillian: Where's Lolo?
Joe: He's outside by the tree.

Biily Basset: There was a rumor one of them cats could raise the dead.
Hern: That was true. We got rid of the undead and their creator down in Pugmire.

Ralfy: I promise to make your deaths quick and painful.

Joe: (deadpan) No, stop, we had a deal.

The Spoils

2 scalpels

Scanning gun

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Asimov 300.0 100.0 250.0 650
Roleplaying +100

Dog Quixote 300.0 175.0 0.0 475
B-team +175

Hern Malamute 300.0 100.0 250.0 650
Roleplaying +100

Loko Dalmatian 300.0 100.0 250.0 650
Roleplaying +100

Ralfy 150.0 100.0 250.0 500
Roleplaying +100

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