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The Game with the Dogs

Those Dirty Rats - 3


On the South Road
Stand and Deliver!
No chance rat!
Oh ho, do you think you can resist us? No other dog has you swaggering setter.

In Pugmire
Another robbery. These rats go too far.
Agreed! Let's see if we can't get some Pioneers down there and teach them a lesson.
I have just the company in mind.


The Pioneers agreed to take on mission to see what was happening with some rat brigands on the south road. They learned that Kayla, a labrador mercenary, had survived an attack by the rats. She explained that the rats had been waiting for them near a downed tree. Their leader, a rat named Argyle, had hailed them from a tree while his rat brigands surrounded them. They had tried to fight but she was badly wounded, one of her friends was killed and their boss was taken hostage until he gave up many coins.

She wanted to join them, but it was clear she needed some time to rest and heal up from her wounds. Loko used his healing magic and made her promise to take it easy for another week which she agreed to do. They left wishing each other luck.

Loko asked his cousins in the shipping business for help and they were eager to provide assistance in the form of a decoy cart which the group took on the south road. They spent the night at a Waypoint about a day south of Pugmire without incident. They then packed up and left again the next morning, taking care not to have anyone see that Hern and Dog Quixote were hiding in the back of the cart.

They traveled a few hours before coming to a large mud puddle. Checking it they found it was difficult but passable. A mile further and another puddle. This one was very deep and impassable. As they pondered a way to overcome it, they heard a voice ring out from above.

"Welcome travelers! I am Agyle Alvarez and you must pay a tax to pass. The group wasn't surprised and they leapt into action. Asimov, Dog, and Hern all struck him with magic or missiles but to their surprise he remained standing. A moment later, he dropped to the ground behind the tree as a half-dozen or so rat brigands attacked with crossbows nearly killing Dog Quixote.

The battle continued with Loko working to keep Dog Quixote alive as the others fought: Dog and Hern attacked half the brigands while Asimov continued his assault on Argyle and Ralfy waded into battle forcing the other half of the rats to discard their crossbows and switch to blades.

They proved no match for the pioneers and soon only three rats and Argyle remained. They surrendered and Loko applied his healing talents to the lone wounded rat who appeared grateful. He quickly and quietly admitted there were only a couple of brigands in camp standing guard over a couple of prisoners one of whom was a cat.

After some discussion the rats were bound and Hern followed their scent back to their amp where he found three tents carefully covered with branches and leaves to camouflage their presence. Resisting the temptation to learn more on his own, he returned to the group.

More discussion ensued and the three brigand rats were released. Argyle wound up nailed to the cart using some of the boards from their fake payload. Hern was impressive as he drove the nails in using only his paw. They made their way to the rat burrows where they sent two more brigands scurrying and released a cat who claimed she was being held hostage.

After some discussion with her and Argyle, they determined she was not a prisoner and made her one. They then transported her and Argyle back to the Waystation. They posted a guard near her cell and the others went to rest as time allowed.

On the third shift, Hern was the guard and she used her magic to convince him he should let her out to use the restroom. Unfortunately for her Dog Quixote had the key and wasn't charmed. He alerted the others and the cat was quickly stripped and Hern replaced as her guard. There were no further incidents and she, along with with Argyle, was returned to Pugmire.

Two days after their return, they learned that she had been returned to the Monarchy. Argyle was still awaiting trial.

One mystery remained: they had clearly stolen more than was found at their camp. Argyle didn't seem to know what had happened to it which didn't make much sense given the avaricious nature of most rats.


Joe: Those dirty rates (named the session).

Joe: A wet nose is a healthy nose.

Joe: I slam my beer (mimes lapping rapidly).

Tim: Nobody puts baby under a tarp!

Joe: Damn! I just gave the last piece of rope away.

The Spoils

Masterwork lock picks
Plenty of coins

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Asimov 650.0 200.0 550.0 1400
Roleplaying +200

Dog Quixote 475.0 200.0 550.0 1225
Roleplaying +200

Hern Malamute 650.0 200.0 550.0 1400
Roleplaying +200

Loko Dalmatian 650.0 200.0 550.0 1400
Roleplaying +200

Ralfy 500.0 200.0 550.0 1250
Roleplaying +200

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