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The Game with the Dogs

Booty Call - 4


At the Knight's Bridge Tavern
Hey, are you the guys that helped Max Pug? I think you are. I have some info for you. It's about a pirate treasure. I know more about how to find it than anyone. I'll tell you for 10% of what you find.

At the Port
Nah, we'll just follow them Pyneers and take it from 'em.


Word reached Asimov that a guy named Sammy Pug had some information with him. He and the pioneers decided to check with Maximillian Pug to find out what he knew about Sammy. They were cousins and while he seemed to think of Sammy as a ne'er-do-well, he did say if anyone knew about the treasure of Peg Leg Antoine, it was probably him.

They met with Sammy at the Knight's Bridge Tavern where he disclosed he had recently heard from someone who knew where the treasure of Peg Leg Antoine was hidden. He was willing to share the information in exchange for a 10% finder's fee. After some discussion they decided to go ahead with the plan.

They headed south to Waterdog Port. The trip to the first waystation was uneventful. On their second day of travel they were stopped by a group of cats who had felled a tree into the road. The others didn't notice it, but Dog Quixote smelled Miss Kitka, the cat who had been released to the Monarchies after being arrested for being a bandit. There was some discussion, it appeared her new bandit chieftain was a youngish cat. After some debate both with the cats and each other, the Pioneers opted to move the tree and informed her she and her friends would be at the very least arrested if they were still there when the group returned.

They made their way to the second Waystation and then travelled to Waterdog Port with a merchant. When they asked him about ships he suggested a captain named Aston Skye who commanded the Golden Nugget. They met with him and negotiated a passage and return from Kirkterre Island. They were warned several times about rabbits.

They sailed there and found the island. They traveled a bit on the island noticing it was lush and green with no real trees - just a lot of rye grass and plenty of bunnies. Dog Quixote proved adept at searching and soon found the metal door which led them below to where the treasure was supposed to lie.

They made their way through a rubble-choked corridor and found themselves in a nest of rats. They managed to kill all eight of the dire rats despite the smell nearly choking them. There were three doors out of the room. One led to the ramins of a sleeping chamber and another to a kitchen area. Neither place yielded any important information or booty. The third door led to another corridor.

They traveled west down the corridor and came to a rubble-choked portion of the hall. There was a four way intersection but the north and south corridors were so filled with rubble that only a full work crew would have been able to clear them. Instead, they continued.

They found two dead dogs in the corridor and watched in horror as the bones knit themselves together with little pattern but then rose to attack. Hern was stabbed by one of them and then the others rallied to defeat them. It was a tough battle as the bones kept reforming to heal themselves. Ultimately, Asimov and Loko ended it with their magic. A flurry of silver bugs left the bones as they were destroyed and tried to escape; Asimov killed them with a flaming sphere.

They came to another room which had large tables and shelves all knocked over. There appeared to be a lot of seeds and some dirt around. After some investigation they took some seeds and dirt.

They continued moving deeper into the complex. Dog Quixote spotted a pit trap which Loko defeated by dragging a table in from the other room. They continued down that hallway to another door.

Dog spotted a wire on the door which led to a force egg. They removed it and claimed the egg as treasure. They opened the door and were confronted by a suit of animated armor which they were able to defeat with more magic from Asimov. they found some treasure in two chests and left with it to go back to the longboat and the Golden Nugget.

As they loaded the boat they could see the ship coming towards them quickly and the captain barking orders at his crew to look lively. It appeared there might be company coming...


Lou: I won't be able to keep up on foot.
Joe: Have Mick be your Blaster
Mick: I'm a wizard
Steve: He's pretty small

Loko: Climbing a tree is not our first instinct.

Joe: Are all the doors in this world doggy doors?

Keith: I've been attacked by the darkness.

Joe: The drawers of man are greatly desired by the Boxer clan.

Joe: Start kicking large bones into his ball.

Steve: (keeps flubbing/changing the damage and radius of the eggs)
Joe: It's the Tom Ray egg.

Lou: I feel like I need to touch something in the control room.
Joe: There's a panel by the door. When you touch it, "Lights go bright, Lights go dim."

The Spoils

Hern: Blanket of Security

Loko: Egg of Force, Amulet of Man

Dog: Egg of Force, Ceramic Knife

Ralfy: Masterwork Sword

Asimov: Potion of Heroism, Ceramic Knife

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Asimov 1400.0 100.0 1000.0 2500
Roleplaying +100

Dog Quixote 1225.0 150.0 1000.0 2375
Roleplaying +150

Hern Malamute 1400.0 150.0 1000.0 2550
Roleplaying +150

Loko Dalmatian 1400.0 200.0 1000.0 2600
Roleplaying +200

Ralfy 1250.0 175.0 1000.0 2425
Roleplaying +175

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