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The Game with the Dogs

The Journey Home - 5


Between the Waystations
What will we do mistress?
I'm not sure, but we're not going to be run off by a pack of mongrel dogs even if they are Pioneers.
Yes mistress.

Aboard the Golden Nugget
I saw it again Captain, a flash of black against the sky. I think it's a sail.
Well, stand ready men and let's hope the rabbits don't get 'em. We may have to fight.


The Pioneers were headed back to the shore when they spotted the captain waving. As they got closer they could hear him shouting for them to hurry as they were coming. At first they wondered if it was the rabbits he feared but then Ralfy spotted a black sail approaching the island.

They boarded the waiting longboat and made record time back to the ship. Luckily, their captain and crew outsailed the other ship and they managed to lose them. As they came around the island, they spotted another longboat with a small group of pirates aboard. A ranged battle ensued and the Pioneers prevailed. The longboat turned out to be a magic effect and when the cat who had created it died, the boat disappeared and all hands were lost in the acid sea.

They made their way back to Waterdog Port and loaded their cargo aboard the wagon to head back to Pugmire. They didn't do much to hide things because they felt it would be safer if they didn't seem to have a secret.

They made their way north back to Pugmire and things went pretty well until they reached the second waypoint. It even appeared the cats had vacated their ambush site. This turned out to be the case -- they had moved into the waypoint. Miss Kitka claimed she had purchased the waypoint for the old owner, which didn't really make sense because the waypoint was property of the crown.

They arrested her and put her into a cell in the basement while they searched for evidence of the former tavernkeeper and his family. As they were distracted, she managed to use her magic to escape. She attacked Ralfy and then disappeared again. Ralfy and Loko gave chase and Loko took a lightning bolt to the chest before he and Ralfy caught and killed her. They ended up burying her near the waypoint as none of them were interested in dealing with her rotting corpse for the trip back to Pugmire.

After a search they found four more cats, all of them just barely in their teen years. The kits explained that the mistress had been taking care of them and they weren't sure what would happen without her. After some discussion, the pioneers decided to take her back to Pugmire with them and see if MIster Meow could help place the cats with the Monarchies.

They all returned to Pugmire where they turned the books they'd found over to the library, sold some of the other things they'd brought back, collected a reward for Miss Kitka, and filed a report on the whole incident. They also arranged for Mr. Meow to have the kittens taken back to the Monarchies where he found homes for all of them.

Loko kept back one bag of the seeds they'd found and he and his brother hired a farmer to plant and tend them.


Dog Quixote: I fart in your general direction.

Joe: How many cats does it take to push a labrador down the stairs? None, he tripped.

Joe: They go into a cathouse then two of them go down to the dungeon with some chick.

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Asimov 2500.0 250.0 1200.0 3950
Roleplaying +250

Dog Quixote 2375.0 250.0 1200.0 3825
Roleplaying +250

Hern Malamute 2550.0 250.0 1200.0 4000
Roleplaying +250

Loko Dalmatian 2600.0 250.0 1200.0 4050
Roleplaying +250

Ralfy 2425.0 250.0 1200.0 3875
Roleplaying +250

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