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The Game with the Dogs

The Fearsome Forest - 6


Near the Forest
I heard it was twelve feet tall and nothing could hurt it.
I heard it swallowed a terrier whole.

At the Royal Arms Taven
Do you think they'll go?
I'm sure they will. They are Good Dogs and brave too.
Will they succeed?
I think so. They are Good Dogs and brave too.


After hearing that the shepherds had nearly been routed, the group decided to come to their aid. They traveled about 2.5 days to reach the encampment of the shepherds. They were surprised to find the camp looking disheveled and most of the dogs in it wounded. There were 5 shepherds and about 15 soldiers; nearly all the soldiers were wounded.

After introductions, they learned that the dogs had been driven from their original camp by a two-headed giant. Most of their gear was destroyed when they were routed; the camp they had was cobbled together from spares and parts.

The group learned the real camp was about 5 hours away and after some discussion, they went there with Lord Aurelius and the second in command, Lady Bertie Bloodhound. They found the campsite utterly destroyed. Something had come back and torn up tents and smashed poles for no reason. A few soldiers were impaled on poles stuck in the ground.

They took the men down and investigated, eventually determining the giant had left to the northeast. After some thought, they decided to set up an ambush and a few traps, then see if they could bait the giant into a return.

It wasn't difficult. As soon as the giant smelled fire, it came for them. They had made some of the area on its side of the fire into rough terrain complete with punji sticks and there were a couple of spring traps.

The giant entered the camp and was angry. It smashed a nearby tentpole then entered the camp intent on killing Ralfy who was taunting it. It crossed, getting tangled in the sticks as the group launched arrows and spells. It made it to Ralfy and struck him with a might blow from the club. Ralfy retaliated with his sword and the creature became angrier, swatting him with its club and putting it down for the count.

The creature pursued Hern next who released one of the spring traps impaling it. The rest of the group attacked and the creature fell backwards dead.

They helped to bury the dead, gathered a bunch of leaves and even a few smaller saplings, then returned to Pugmire to a hero's welcome.


Ralfy: That sounds like some kind of cat plan. Are you part cat?
Loko: No, but I read a book on the art of war by shihtzu.

Soldiers: Holy Man! How did you kill that thing?
Loko: He was 50% pussy.

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Asimov 3950.0 800.0 2200.0 6950
Roleplaying +400
Story Goal +400

Dog Quixote 3825.0 800.0 2200.0 6825
Roleplaying +400
Story Goal +400

Hern Malamute 4000.0 800.0 2200.0 7000
Roleplaying +400
Story Goal +400

Loko Dalmatian 4050.0 800.0 2200.0 7050
Roleplaying +400
Story Goal +400

Ralfy 3875.0 800.0 2200.0 6875
Roleplaying +400
Story Goal +400

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