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The Game with the Dogs

Badgering the Witness - 7


At the Knight's Bridge
Hi, I was told I could find Lord Aurelius here...
Well, sometimes, but he's not here now.
Can you let him know I'm looking for him?
Uhm, sure. Who are you?
Arthang Badger

Shepherd's Home
They're looking for Aurelius.
Good. Let's see how that pup does on his own.

Edge of Town
Why haven't they found him yet?
My guess is he's gone to ground.
Well then, let's find his friends and get rid of his hiding places.


The group headed to the Dancing Beagle where they'd heard they might find Arthang. He wasn't there right away but eventually showed up with a pair of friends asking for Lord Aurelius. Ralfy introduced himself in his inimitable style and they still wound up sitting down to talk.

After some discussion, the group agreed to bring Lord Aurelius to the Beagle for a meeting. Arthang wanted to hire the young shepherd to lead a mission to explore a ruin and possibly find some artifacts.

The following day they met and after some tense discussion Lord Aurelius and the Pioneers agreed to join Arthang on his mission. They met the following day and headed out. The first day was within the lands of Pugmire and they had no issues. On the second day, a boar charged out of the brush at them. Hern got off a shot, hitting the boar. Arthang moved with unexpected speed to meet and kill the boar with his axe. Hern butchered it and they roasted it when they made camp a few hours later.

In the morning of the third day they headed to the cave which Arthang said would lead to a ruins. They could see there was a door at the end of a longish tunnel; it appeared the tunnel had been there for awhile. Loko used magic go reveal that the tunnel was somehow evil (no one was surprised to learn that the badgers were also evil).

Hern and Lord Aurelius went down the tunnel to investigate. A cave-in left the two of them trapped near the door. At that moment, the badgers moved to attack but they rushed and were ineffective.

Ralfy began laying waste to the badgers while Loko escaped to the sky with Lady Maryanne to get her out of danger and Asimov unleashed a storm of ice on Arthang and his lieutenants. A moment later, Ralvy had killed two of the badgers and crippled a third. When Asimov used a spell to make Arthang blind it demoralized one of the badgers badly enough to make him surrender.

Lady Maryanne used a spell to calm Arthang as Hern burst out of the tunnel using his incredible strength. Arthang surrendered as did the remaining lieutenant.

A little interrogation yielded that the badgers had been hired by a cat named Glithora von Forest.

The dogs decided to let the three remaining badgers go on condition that they not return. The badgers headed deeper into the woods and they dogs retrieved the plastic door from the tunnel to bring it back to Pugmire as booty.


Ralfy: Oh no! I have to hang out in a tavern and drink.
Hern: And our bosses are buying.

Hern: Of course Ralfy is special, that's why he has the helmet.

GM: Everyone roll a notice check.
Ralfy: 1
Loko: You're wearing your helmet backwards again.

The Spoils

Plastic door (about 7' tall and 6' wide).

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Asimov 6950.0 0.0 1950.0 8900

Dog Quixote 6825.0 0.0 1950.0 8775

Hern Malamute 7000.0 400.0 1950.0 9350
Roleplaying +400

Loko Dalmatian 7050.0 400.0 1950.0 9400
Roleplaying +400

Ralfy 6875.0 400.0 1950.0 9225
Roleplaying +400

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