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The Game with the Dogs

The Hunted - 8


In the Fearsome Forest
You told them my name.
Why would they believe me?
Them even knowing of my existence is a threat.
(Sounds of badgers screaming and dying).


The group continued to make their way back to the city, dragging along their door as booty. Hern was scouting ahead when a dog started barking at him. He looked carefully and couldn't find any sign of the dog. He stopped to talk to the others, then they all crept forward to look for it.

Suddenly the barking stopped and the dog nearly bit Dog Quixote. They still couldn't see it and Asimov finally got rid of it using a spell. He recognized it as some sort of cat magic.

As they investigated, a ball of flame suddenly exploded in their midst. Through the smoke and haze they saw a female cat about 100' away. They fired a volley of bolts, arrows, and magic at her and she disappeared into the woods. Ralfy closed and hit her once before she actually turned invisible (or perhaps teleported away).

They continued along their way to the inn, taking care to not spend too much time on the road. They did encounter a group of cats who said they'd been attacked by badgers. They were suspicious, especially Ralfy, but they agreed to let the cats follow them to the inn.

They arrived and the cats came in. Ralfy noticed that one of them was different. There was a heated discussion and eventually swords and spells came into play. The cat witch was dispatched and her allies all surrendered. The group agreed to help them retrieve the friend the witch had killed. They recovered the body and some camping gear the cats had left behind. Eventually they let the cat's go over Ralfy's objections.

They returned to town and learned that the cat they killed was behind the plan to spread disease in Pugmire and probably blamed Lord Aurelius for her failure.

Dog Quixote was have a drink when someone asked him about monster-killing. He agreed that he and his friends would come to the guy's farm and kill whatever creature was killing his cattle. They set up camp and took watch for the monster. It didn't take long for it to show up and it didn't take much longer for the group to dispatch the giant bear-boar.

Hern field dressed it and they made plans for a feast.


GM: Are you insulting the cats that loudly?
Ralfy: Yep

Mick: Is the suspected imposter wearing a broach?
GM: You can't see because of the armor.
Tim: Magic MIssile her and see if it works.

Joe: She shouldn't have tried to disguise herself. No one likes a copycat.

Farmer: Are you Ralfy the Pioneer?
Ralfy: Let me check my undies. Yep, mom says I am.
Farmer: Let me tell you my story.
Ralfy: Hang on, let me get my friends.

Loko: What if it's a cat?
Ralfy: I hit it with my axe.
Loko: What if it's not a cat?
Ralfy: I hit it with my axe but I'm not quite as happy about it.

The Spoils

Mick: Brooch of Shielding (43 charges)

Lou: Dagger of Poison (does 2d10 poison damage on a natural 20).

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Asimov 8900.0 450.0 2700.0 12050
Roleplaying +450

Dog Quixote 8775.0 450.0 2700.0 11925
Roleplaying +450

Hern Malamute 9350.0 450.0 2700.0 12500
Roleplaying +450

Loko Dalmatian 9400.0 450.0 2700.0 12550
Roleplaying +450

Ralfy 9225.0 450.0 2700.0 12375
Roleplaying +450

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