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The Game with the Dogs

Rebels with Dirty Paws - 9


Outside the City
Soon, my brothers, soon we will take the battle to the soft dogs of Pugmire and reclaim what is rightfully ours.
We will put them to the sword!

In a Hidden Monarchy Enclave
Do you think they'll win?
No, but who cares why dogs die, just so they die.
What of our allies?
I am no ally of any dog. They all deserve death.

In the City
Are these the plans you promised.
Of course.


The group headed north to see what was going on with the army of strays. After some discussion, they felt they should start in Ellendonk village. There suspicions proved true as they found about a dozen strays in the local inn drinking heavily.

Hern entered the tavern while Loko tended the horse and spoke with the stable boy. The stable boy revealed they'd had strays and woodsmen in their inn every night for weeks. Inside Hern was invited to join the army of strays which planned to attack Pugmire and teach the nobles a lesson.

After some discussion, he left with Sergeant Rex Farwalker and Cadmium Timber to visit the camp. The others followed easily tracking them because Loko had used Darkvision on all of them. They arrived at the general's camp about an hour and a half later. It was somewhat chaotic and many of the soldiers appeared to be drunk.

Hern was taken to meet General Buddy Beagle who boasted of his plan and then, after a perfunctory interview, invited him to join them. Hern agreed and was given a space to camp. The other two wandered off to continue drinking.

Left alone, Hern snuck off to meet the rest of the group and make his report. Loko had used a relic to determine that the was evil in the General's tent. After some discussion, they decided to try to impress the guards by claiming they were inquisitors there to find evil.

Loko announced himself as a high inquisitor and his pronouncement there was evil in the camp was met with acceptance. Between his words and the presence of Hern and Ralfy, the soldiers complied and were quickly tested. None were evil. The general arrived and the men manhandled him into place. The test was peformed and his evil was revealed.

As they struggled with him, he suddenly fell apart; his skin broke in half and a strange demonic cat. The group attacked it and while it seemed to have resistance to some attacks, the group proved too much for it and it was dispatched quickly. They searched the general's tent, killing an odd bat they found. They also found some papers describing a plan to attack the city of Pugmire on Founder's Day. They also learned there was a camp with carts and plans for the attackers to arrive as a caravan.

After some discussion, they headed south to find the camp with Sgt Rex along. Between the imposing figures and the voice of Rex, they convinced the men to leave. They also learned the wagons had come by barge and more were expected and that there was a crew cutting a new road for the wagons to use to leave this camp.

They took the one cart of weapons they found and returned to Ellendonk, letting the villagers know there were many trade goods there. Sgt Rex opted to stay with the villagers and help them retrieve the goods.

The group returned to the main road and headed south until they could hear the sounds of the new road being built. They journeyed overland to find the dog construction crew led by a corgi. After some disccusions and threats of violence from both side, they convinced the road crew to take a payoff and stop building.

They returned to Pugmire and reported to the guard. They were told to make their report in the morning.


Ralfy: Maybe it's 2 cats in a dog suit.
Loko: That's not a scar, that's a zipper.

Loko: I took the path more travelled and it made no difference.

Loko: Just some General humor.

Ralfy: I didn't kill anyone who didn't have it coming.

Loko: Just great. Dogs are covered in fur so you can't draw on the drunks.

Ralfy: I remind them I have an inventory of everything.
Loko: I saw your inventory: my swords, my spears, my axes...

The Spoils

Cart of weapons.

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Asimov 12050.0 500.0 3400.0 15950
Roleplaying +500

Dog Quixote 11925.0 0.0 2100.0 14025

Hern Malamute 12500.0 500.0 3400.0 16400
Roleplaying +500

Loko Dalmatian 12550.0 600.0 3400.0 16550
Roleplaying +600

Ralfy 12375.0 500.0 3400.0 16275
Roleplaying +500

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