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Sharidia: Tales of the Golden Road


Here's the short version of every session so far:

Road Warriors
Setup: Days have become weeks and all these people have eaten up my stocked of food and the local villages are talking about gouging me on buying more.
About two day along the old route is the village of Prattari, I will send one of my boy with a wagon along with to buy up some supplies, and you get to ride for at least a bit.
-Pango Patel, Caravansary keeper
Booty: Screw in weights for bamboo staff.
5 cp from Niper
7 gp from Grappi

The white star Ring:
+3 ring of protection.
Worn on the left middle finger and reciting the two mantra inscribed on the ring also grants the wearing a +3 resistance bonus to his fortitude saves until he take the ring off.

The eternal hatred of Torburnik the corrupt: more then enough for everyone, and their horses too.

Rumble at the docks
Setup: If you die, blame steve for his requests.
Booty: 2 small short bows
3 chackrams and carry bag
Pata gauntlet blade with obsidium mantra gem (+1 damage, negative energy, swift, once every 10 rounds "souls fly free, so it will be")
mw hvy metal spiked shield, black diamond design
Mithril stone warrior pick
Hermatite nose ring 13gp
chrysaprise gem, polished orb 50gp
fanny pack, troll buckle with tongue clasp
potion of clw
oil of magic weapon
19gp 60sp
sea shell horn 15gp

Sometimes you get the bear,
Setup: ...and sometimes the bear gets you.
Booty: Mw halberd set with Pradma gem ( +1 save vs fear while held.)

Stamp of office for kitar captain. (arcane mark of seal at will.)


Scroll of bless

Infinite mantra scroll tube -15gp

Raja's pawn game piece ( wand of shield of faith, 8cr )

Prison break
Setup: Out of the cell block and into the fire
Booty: Black pearl platinum head band ( +3 resistance to mind effects)
MW breastplate set with sardonyx flanked with serpents ( +1 initiative )
Mw Falchion with Garnet in hilt ( Hand to stay, blade to slay. +1 vs attempt to disarm, +1 to check to free blade.)

180gp in various coins
100gp Jade empire "Hats" freshly mined in deep purple velvet bag with goldenrod stitching.

Lots of flammable oil cane oil.

Tiger eye bracelet ( +1 perception )
Sardonyx orb 45gp
Hematite heat pendant ( link and reveal condition of twin pendant ) 10gp
Inkwell of arcane mark 25 charges, 5 to fill page
Potion of feather step in turtle shaped flask ( 20gp for flask )
Walrus tusk scroll tube ( 5gp)
Scroll endure elements, charm person, ARC
Ornate Monkey Andirons and spit
x6 8" Pitons ( 4 used on bridge )in belt quiver
x20 marbles in leather sack
x10 iron nails marked in sign of Yama, god of death
3lbs of pepper
Bottle of apple vinegar
20 elderberry scented candles
box of charcoal sticks
chisel "patel"
flask of olive oil
Mortar and pestle in leather box
Snaked eyed dice in quick release pouch for mounting on wrist.
92sp, 13cp, 13gp

MW CLB sky metal for +2 str, malachite hand grip ( +3 perception vs surprise )
Sky metal chainmail and matching helm set with garnets ( +3 stabilized )
7 +1 arrows and a nice quiver
Aggamotto's eye of magnification
section two Svarga ( heaven) rod of seven parts.

Hearts and mines
Setup: A coward dies a hundred deaths, a brave man but one. One where they cut out your still beating heart because a brave mans tastes better.
Booty: 19 village people
A ex caviler
His stuff
Gnoll headdress- chrsombrea gem 50gp
Carved ivory drinking horn with silver caps 150gp

Go to town
Setup: A visit to the local city, what could go wrong.
Booty: 12 shiney gold pieces
a 4gp yellow pearl
50gp reward
Mitra, a perfectly normal magic dagger, no need to identify it, it can tell you what it does.

Setup: Samurai is back in town
got his boys, can't get around.
no time for talk, the players to slay.
Booty: Wand of close wounds x6cr
Daichi bloodsword of thunder ( only magic in hands of Sajin family, can be tracked by Sajin )
Snake staff ( as rod of the viper but double enchanted staff )
necklace of 38gp, 23 sp
two necklaces of 3d6 copper, 1d6 silver

Tomb of a son of a lich
Setup: When going through hell, keep going
Booty: Red, blue, green crystals with continual flames on them 10gp each.
Phantom fungus squeezing 120gp
2 Dancing Kali stoppers 20 each
skeleton motief key 5gp
Suit of half plate mail
suit of banded mail
suit of scale mail
suit of agile half plate
mw th axe
mw spiked gauntlets
mw short bow for +2 str
mw glaive
The witch king's Robe of comfort and style
Aegis of the witch king +1 mitral breastplate
The serpent tongue +1 short sword of holding
The witch king's eye of perusal
The witch king's crown of rule

Out through the in way
Setup: Normally the tombs of the dead kings are built to keep people out.
This should be novel
Booty: 21 pp on a string.
225 gp in a offering jar painted with skulls
10 sp in silk purse along with a dried pigís ear.

Loose 10 gp pearl in a velvet box
Moonstone pendant in a simple silver setting 55gp
Copper and quartz wind chime 10gp
Carved bone statue of the witch king holding up a heart above his open mouth 15gp
Commemorative silver platter from state wedding of the witch king 60gp
Gold candleholder with skulls 200gp
Gold senser with platinum handles 400gp
Silver sup of skeletal hand clutching heart with open top to drink from 25gp
MW heavy x-bow carved of rare wood showing witch king hunting orcs with hunting ghouls
Carved and gem set ivory tube with illustrated history of the witch king on parchment 60gp
Wooden box containing carved knuckbone dice from 6 of the witch kings enemies 10gp (50 from collector)
Silk alter cloth, slightly stained. 50gp

Najjaiís cloak of weaponry.

A white linen cloak covered in criss crossing bands of black leather set at angles to create diamond shapes.
The cloak is lined with black fur from a displacer beast which shimmered with a purple shine.

The cloak stores up to 81 weapons which are stored when wrapped in the fur but can be produced up to one in each hand as a swift action.

Until removed from the wearers hands, the weapon have a 50 percent miss chance against disarms, sunders or other attacks that target the weapons.

The bottoms of the lower front of the cloak are stiff and thick, ending in three claws from a displacer beast, if clutched they become rigid and may be wielded as +1 morning stars.

Battle cape of the Vycaena.

A green silk half cloak with a stiff high color and trim of wyvern hide and clasps at the collar set with emeralds.

Up to two large or small weapons of shield may be magically stored in the two emerald and can be armed on the wearer by clutching at the collar clasps as a free action.

In addition the cloak adds a +5 armor bonus and a +1 resistance bonus.

Halaschiís Slippers.

Crimson silk slippers with curly toes. Threaded in gold and set with small green garnets.
Treated as hard boots for walking on sharp objects.

The wearer of the boots can once per day for up to three hours animate a object no larger then 5í in any dimension and no heavier then 25 pounds as a flaying carpet with a move speed of 60í and a perfect flying ability including hover. No matter how is maneuver the slipperís wearer will not fall off and has a +5 cmd against attacks of effect that might cause him to be removed against his will.
If the wearer is removed the flying object immediately fall, but he may animate another object as a free action during his 3 hours of use.
A animated object can hold up to 333 pounds making it possible for another to ride if both the wearer of the slippers and the passenger are light weight.

The endless bag of Safef Adnan.

A unshaven goat skin bat threaded together with silver wire. Itís shoulder strap is worn and simple clipped onto the wiring rather then a true part of the magic item.

The bag stores item as if a large bag of hold, but additional items may be added but not retrieved.

If the bag is turned inside out, the holder and one other person are transported to the top floor of Adnanís tower on Adnanís isle far to the south.

All items store in the bag will be neatly arrays on the shelves of the tower with additional items stuffed into the bag laying of the floor and possible stacked up to the point of overflowing out the windows and down the stairs.

The isle is small with enough arable land to grow a few tree, a small garden and some grazing land. The tower is three stories with a basement. Attached is s cottage with attic accessible from the tower and a root caller.

The tower is round semi furnished with simple furniture, linins, cook wear, and other bits and pieces left behind by past owner and deemed unworthy of being carried off by their successors.

Sloop dogs
Setup: Clack klack clac?
Klac, Klack!

Booty: Stuff from the Red Vizier
4 coils of black silk rope, 2 have yellow strand visible only to dark vision
1 Owl motif grapple of gripping, +2 enchantment to secure itself, Release on command of ďowlís releaseĒ
8 potion of clw
2 potions of cmw
4 oils of spider climb
4 greek fires flasks
6 refilling provisions bags, each refill with a dayís rations once per day
1 signet ring of the red vizier, wearer has vision of party
4 folding scarab of light
2 cold iron morning stars
1 carrying case for sword
4 coils of hemp rope
16 spikes
2 combination hatchet hammer tools
4 tins of lubricating oil
4 balls of string 200í
4 spark lighters
1 mapping kit

Captain Mazuri
Red hot needle of passion
+1 flaming falchion
empathy, sense attraction to wielder in 30'
fire resistance 10 and endure elements from gem in pommel, only while held
Mw skull shaped bolo
mw std lth armor, black dragon scale

Scroll sleep and gust of wind
potion of reduce "drink me"
Flask of purify water x3 day
bag of hallucinatory mushroom, long since dried up
silk robe, badly tattered
bone saw
ornate chess set 80gp

Anvil of elementary smith summoning

Hidden city, croaching palace
Setup: Oh look visitors!
I've been so hungry.
Booty: Yamaís sack
Sword returned to owner
Mitral scepter of the Gormicís royal stable master 600gp
Bronze flagon of mitraís seven incarnations 50
6 polyhedral dice, silver 150gp
Jade chess set 50 gp
Silver chess set 65gp
Silver inlaid chess board 150gp
Oil of purify food and water
2014gp in small purses and wooded coffers
Ledger of ransoms paid and unransomed sold as slaves
Bloodstone pendant 35gp
Obsidian orb 9gp
Pyrite orb 5gp
Potion bearís endurance
Dragon earring that carryís wearer voice to other earring.

Bandarís big steel chest
Gold statue of dancing girl 100gp
4 badly cut low quality gems 82gp in total
604sp 1,890cp
Silver set of dice with quartz pips 30gp
Silver and jet hawking gauntlet 75gp
Silver egg shaped mechanical timer 25gp
Holy symbol of Uma, goddess of the mountain
Potion of jump
Pack of metal plates that act as scroll of arcane mark x5
Glove with magic missile cl 3, inked into it as scroll
Scroll of mirror strike, graded with passing mark from a MS

Mohanna Dilip. Son of a candle maker. Had a MW bow and longsword
Saral Kumar. Middle aged money lender due to sold as slave since his funds were taken by the tengu

Priya Meora. Saralís former mistress, captured with him.
Roshanara. Dancing girl picked up for sale as slave in payment for flying Saral out of besieged Gormic
Kavita Linn: Minor Gormic nobles daughter, her ransom was arranged to be paid.

On to the Khan
Setup: Up the stairs and pass the stench
Booty: Khan's personal stuff
43pp, 63 gp 90sp, 1,300 cp
14 copper bars. 1gp each
45 silver bars, 10gp each
4 gold bars, 100gp each
Malichit orb 10gp
hemitite orb 10gp
polished chrystophne beads, 50gp
copper banded handle, glass decanter, 25gp
silver lion statue, 65gp
mithril stone warrior's pick, mw
Potion jump
scroll shield
cut glass pendant of light 90gp
+1 arming jacket, self repairing

+1 harem's guard blade, guardless because they have no more fear of getting thing's cut off. Magic scimitar with green ting to blade which glow in the dark with dim illumination

two flind bars
composite longs bows built for +3 str

Solar barge, 40' flight, poor, can only fly in daylight, feather falls in darkness, movement down to 30 on overcast days, 20 in fog or rain

The Battle for Kee Bhoomi Pretta
Setup: She comes, The raven queen Situra Nirvaasakitel, in the black keep, the Bada Kamabukt Palaquin. She comes for the vengeful ghost of a entire nation
Booty: Bottle of Azad the piper ( mass charm snakes)
Potion of invisibility x2
potion of cmw x2

Sash of the leech
gloves of mighty fists( +4 str for weapons only, monkey grip, unarmed attacks as large size)

+2 gloves of str
+2 amulet of natural armor
+2 belt of constitution

Sword of the Reven queen ( +1 shortsword of cold, x3 day summon fiendish dire crow ( as eagle ) when attacking with short sword a swf action, crow appears flanking opponent and attacks starting that round and the next 2 rounds)

Black feather cloak ( as cloak of flying )
boot of speed ( belonged to mountain king, grandfather of bronze bolt assassins)

Azmin's ring ( ring of janni summoning, 37 years of service left)

A sound of thunder
Setup: The doors have been cleared?
-Yes Kanetah
Then it is time for me to make my destiny.
Booty: 1200gp
Onyx belt of dwarven make 200gp
+1 greatclub H
Potion of cmw
Dragon hide of resistance +1, fire R5 H (lou)
Amulet of Natural armor +1 ( mick?)
Potion of clw
Potion of invisibility
scroll of cmw

Singer of the hidden city
Setup: Calief Sanjay, the singer has returned!
Pull out everyone from the hidden city, and fill a chest from the treasury, I would rather pay in gold then the blood of my people.
Booty: 137 cp
44 sp
2 gp
copper cookwear, 6sp
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