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Sharidia: Tales of the Golden Road


A brief description of the characters and their motives (as described by the players):

Subhash - Steve
Subhash is an eager young man with the skills of a sorcerer and the demeanor of a village priest. He believes in peace, but knows that sometimes the best peace is found by silencing the opposition.

Belbir the Faithful - Keith
Belbir is a guardsman, like his father before him. His armor is lacquered red, indicating he is an adherent of the the Shields of Vishnu, a sect dedicating to protecting others.

Suresh - Tim
Suresh grew up as a street urchin, doing what had to be done to survive. He spent a lot of time in the market doing odd jobs for various vendors.

Khetani - Mick
Khetani was a merchant son who took to adventuring at an early age. He joined the Knights of the Dragon.

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