The League of Subterannean Gentlemen: Sharidia: Tales of the Golden Road - Starting a Character
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Sharidia: Tales of the Golden Road

Starting a Character

Starting Rules

  • Characters start at level 1.
  • Any rules published by Paizo are allowed, other rules are at GM approval.
  • All rolls witnessed, including character gen.
  • Characters not in play until I get a full character copy with the math for how you got your skill bonuses, AC, and such.
  • Any classes, feats, traits, spells and such not in basic players handbook need book they are from noted.
  • Vendic is the nearly lost native language of Sharidia from ancient times, most speak common, and often only common. A scholarly or native character might want to take it.
  • Take 10 on craft skill x 10gp in stuff you can make yourself
    (10+ 1 skill point in craft bow, +3 class skill bonus, +1 int = 15 = 150gp worth of bow )
  • 10 + attribute bonus x 10gp in magic items you can make yourself at first level
    (10+ 4 intelligence+ scribe scroll = 140gp of scrolls at full market cost
  • Start with max starting gold.
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