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Sharidia: Tales of the Golden Road

A sound of thunder - 16


A messager from Prabandhak, the chief official of the town of Kho Baajaar informs you that a large band of armed men with scaly skin are marching to the town from the west under a banner of three red strips on a long tapering banner. He hopes you will aide in the defense of the city by gathering up your tenants and riding to it's defence.


Bunch of lizard guys show up looking to take over town based on one on one fight, ends up big battle. More lizard guys in moutains working for foolish nobleman. Subash get killed by giant dragonflys.

Long version.
The Sudak Chote, the dwarves of the Suman kahara mountains win the kingdom of Banchoo from Prince Nitamb in a bet.

They give Nitamb the isolated valley of Pahar Mendir in the mountains so he has something to rule over and to get him out of the way.

Nitamb opened a potal to a far away land right under a inland sea, draining it into the underground kingdom of the Sudak.

The Chote abandon Sudak after it is damage in the flood, those who end up in Kho Baahaar, the player’s new home town, become lower class labourors.

The Strano, a tribe of Guster, a reptilian humanoid race, who depended on the fresh water sea investigate a hole at the bottem of the now dry sea and are conviced by prince Nitamb that he is a being of great power and command them to immigrate to his vally, afterward he changes where the portal under his control goes too trapping the Strano in the vally.

Some of the Chote who fled the flooding end up in the of Pahar Mendir are captured and enslaved by the Strano. After two generations the Chote slaves become fairly well intergrated into their society.

With no predators the Strano’s number grow until they send out the next generation out of the mountains to claim new lands.

One group of two hundred head to Banchoo to claim it for themselves, but in prince Nitamb’s name.

The other group head to the east, one leader, Natafa, claims the old entrance to the Sudak underpass of the Chote for his lair, while the other Kenotah heads into Kho Baajaar to chalange it’s champion for ownership of those lands.

The hero’s are summoned by Prabandhak, one of the viziers of Grand Sitkar who administers Kho Baajaar. The hero’s arrive with millita made up of the grown men, and some women from their estate.

After being informed of what was happening by Rado, a chote who grown up as a slave of the Strasno, Subash begins to demand that Rado translate the insults he begins to hurl at the Strasno and their leader demans the townsfolk send up their chamion now. Balbir luctantly agrees to the fight.

After Balbir takes a crushing blow from the Stranso leader, Kanetah, Subash magic missile their shaman, forcing a group fight for the town.

After the death of their leader, Mohax the shaman commands some of the Stranso to seize prisoner to force a end to the fight, only to be cut down himself.

Most of the prisoners are slain in retaliation for the hero’s treachery but the Strasno find themselves being cut down one by one by the heros and the survivors are forced into retreat.

Hering of the numbers of Strasno in the mountains, and fearing the two hundred who had gone to Banchoo may return with Banchoo troops added to their own, the heroes send to Grand Sitkar for help while standing guard. Two days later a group of 80 horsemen arrive ahead of 120 footmen a commiosn of rank for Balbir, Karnel Balbir, Vaardar of the western marches.

Shortly thereafter Subash was called by his people to save them from a pair of unusually robust giant dragonflys, creatures never before seen in this land, only to fall beneath it’s mandables.

The creatures were hunted down and slain, and Subash was buried in the tomb of fallen hero’s on Jomar’s estate. Raja Vycaena and representative of the Grand Calief were present.

To build up some money to better arm their millita and to find out what they are up against, the hero’s take a series of monster hunt on behalf of Raja Sanjay Vycaena, the new Raja of the Kitel.

With little time to set aside from rebuilding a ruined kingdom, Sanjay has decided to simply offer bounties on the monsters hindering his efforst, and has given the player three months before his offers the reward to all comers, since he would rather give money to the hero’s then strangers.

One of these monsters is the Singer, a unknown beast which charmed the kitel living in the hidden city one by one to the lower depth of the city. The Khan, a lamia trying to collect the stone sword, claimed to slain it, but after his death by the hero’s hands it has returned.12

The Spoils

Onyx belt of dwarven make 200gp
+1 greatclub H
Potion of cmw
Dragon hide of resistance +1, fire R5 H (lou)
Amulet of Natural armor +1 ( mick?)
Potion of clw
Potion of invisibility
scroll of cmw

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Balbir 27214.0 200.0 2000.0 29414 Need 5586 for level 7
Takeing the challange +100
Title +100

Jomar 19418.0 300.0 2800.0 22518 Need 482 for level 6
Being me the snake, yes all of them! +250
Preists? I have priests! and a hammer? +50

Jouth 13000.0 0.0 0.0 13000 Need 2000 for level 5

Khetani 5673.0 0.0 0.0 5673 Need 3327 for level 4

Relleth the Dark 22763.0 250.0 2800.0 25813 Went from Level 5 to 6
Need 9187 for level 7
Pimp my peasants +250

Subhash 19989.0 350.0 2000.0 22339 Need 661 for level 6
Instigating +100
Sewars and quarries +250

Suresh 14881.0 0.0 0.0 14881 Need 119 for level 5

Thorfin 18290.0 250.0 2800.0 21340 Need 1660 for level 6
You must pay the rent +150
Why can't i do both, +100

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