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Star Rangers


A brief description of the characters and their motives (as described by the players):

Rheg Stark - joe
A short but broad vesk with grayish green scales he keeps well polished. He tends to wear simple but formal and well pressed cloths in subdued colors.
His solar manifestation is named Tasha and tends to lazily drift over to shine on whatever he is focusing on, in weapon form it appears as a oversized combat knife with tool like frills such as a saw tooth back, and a wire cutter notch on the hand guard.
His comunit is equipped with Buckley, a somewhat whiny but resigned sounding basic AI

Kecht - Steve
Kecht is a Skirren Mystic who serves the Dawnstar. He carries no weapons and often claims his healing is his only weapon. He speaks formally and abhors violence. He typically dresses in yellows and oranges to match the sun.

FX7325 aka Fox - Keith
Fox is one of a group of androids who won their freedom after being recognized as sentient.
He and his brethren were employed mining asteroids. Fox himself was employed piloting mining rig.
He appears to be a pale human with long black hair held back with braids. His ID number is tattooed his right cheek in neon blue. His left arm and hand have heavy circuitry and metal exposed. The left side of his head also has exposed circuitry.
He wears his old work uniform, a blue flight suit and a red vest with tools and emergency gear.

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