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Star Rangers

Goblin Pirates! - 1


You hear some deep rumblings, then a loud bang, followed by a lot of warning claxons.


As the group enjoyed their trip aboard the luxury liner Vespa when a sudden explosion followed by alarms alerted them to an issue. The alarms sounded general quarters but the group ignored that directive and tried to find the trouble each in their own way. Fox interfaced with the system and picked up command chatter on the ship's intercom, Rhej had Buckley identify the source of the alarms and Kecht and Colo just follwed crew members who seemed in a hurry.

Three of them wound up in the ship's security quarters which had apparently been hit by a bomb. As they investigated, there were more rumbling sounds. The ship's officer gave Fox and Colo their weapons, while Kecht said he had none save his healing.

Rhej had come out of his stateroom to find another problem -- a golbing ship had attached to one of the viewports and blew a hole in it creating a passage from the goblin ship to the Vespa. He fought with a few of them and forced them back onto their ship where he pursued them, killing many until he finally found a room where many prisoners were being held.

Meanwhile Fox and Colo found another set of airlocks and another ship. They killed several goblins and boarded the ship where Fox interfaced with the goblin ship and ordered the airlocks and boarding tubes to be disengaged, setting the ship at least partially adrift. With the order given, he and Colo returned to the Vespa.

They made their way to the other ship and tried to find Rhej but when he announced he had found hostages, Colo went back for one of the shuttles leaving Fox to continue the search.

Colo arrived back at the shuttle bay only to find Kecht and two armored men getting ready to board a shuttle. They all boarded and Colo quickly flew them to the goblin ship where the four of them were reunited and brought the hostages to safety.

For their efforts they were invited to join the Star Rangers, commended by the owners of the Vespa, and given a token good for one round trip to anywhere aboard the Vespa.


Rhej: You should tell them which hallway too Buckley. I don't know where we are, but you do.

Joe: I throw a chair at them!
Goblin: Already we have treasure!
Rhej: That is my chair.

Rhej: You might want to grease that gun up.

Steve: I'd like Lou's other gatorade please.

Tim: I put my foot on him.
GM: He's on fire.
Tim: Not the burning part.

Tim: Give me Steve's water
Steve: Dick.


Fox: I told you I was going to blow the airlock.
Rheg: I just thought you were getting personal with the ship.

GM: He's an FX unit.
Tim: He's fucked?

Rhem: First he blows the airlock, now he gets up the ship's aft hold.

The Spoils

3 goblin dog choppers - archaic
4 lvl 1 pulsecaster pistols - non lethal
4 survival knives - analog operative
1 laser pistol azimuth fitted with a small rifle stock
1 semi auto flechette pistol advanced - archaic analog
4 passes for 1 round trip anywhere Vespa lines flies.
1 cred stick with 100 creds on it

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Colo Nord 0.0 200.0 700.0 900
Roleplaying +150
boarding the enemy vessel +50

FX7325 aka Fox 0.0 200.0 700.0 900
Roleplaying +150
rescue prisoners +50

Kecht 0.0 200.0 700.0 900
Roleplaying +150
healing crew and security personnel +50

Rheg Stark 0.0 200.0 700.0 900
Roleplaying +150
rocket cycles! +50

Part 2

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Colo Nord 0.0 200.0 400.0 600
Roleplaying +200

FX7325 aka Fox 0.0 200.0 400.0 600
Roleplaying +200

Kecht 0.0 200.0 400.0 600
Roleplaying +200

Rheg Stark 0.0 200.0 400.0 600
Roleplaying +200

Thoriss 0.0 200.0 400.0 600
Roleplaying +200

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