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Star Rangers

Ice Station Zebra - 2


Briefing aboard Star Ranger- All we know for certain is that ice Station Zebra was built for advanced chemical and genetic research some of which had military implications. We lost contact with them 47 days ago. The facility shows no signs of having been breached and the first team that was sent there had their ship blown out of the sky by the automated defense system. Good Luck


The team made planetfall about 4 hours away from the station. Their mission was to figure out what was being done there, rescue any survivors, and secure research data if they could.

The complex was a cluster of three pyramids built on a very large scale. They eventually found their way into one of them and began to investigate.

Early on, all they could find was bodies with no obvious cause of death. Eventually they found a guy who looked like he had been mauled and in the next room they were attacked by a giant tentacle beast which clung to the ceiling. They eventually killed it.

Along the way, their investigation revealed that the base had been set to self-destruct in 4 hours.


Joe: I want to be a space born ranger
I want to end the life of strangers

Tim: You use whatever you have when you're in the field.
Steve: Carry more stuff.

Joe: Designate shuttle as "ivory Eagle".

Joe: This is fuckin' bullshit!
Droid: What is?
Joe: Droid drivin' and I got to sit in the back.

Joe: When you wait all year for sex, sometimes it lasts minutes!

Joe: See? Humans! I ask about reset switch and you go straight to "finger up the butt"

Joe: I pull out my telescoping space stick.

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