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Star Rangers

Ice Station Zebra Continued - 3


ee part 1


Honestly, I was pretty distracted with my mom. This is what I remember.

The Star Rangers continued to explore the station. They eventually realized that there was new construction and old construction and they started following the new construction.

After more searching they found an area with a bunch of tubes each of which had a variety of aliens in them. THey also found a security camera which showed a raiding drow who was dialing in the tubes to release the creatures.

they began moving quickly to find the raider. They caught up with him and brought him to an end which gave them the time to turn off the self-destruct and make their way back to the ship. They also turned on the IFF system so the pyramid wouldn't shoot down ships with the correct code.


Joe: I find something to stick in the door to block it.
Steve: Ow! Let go!
Joe: If you want to break a computer door, you add a bug.

GM: There are a bunch of tubes each with s amall viewport.
Steve: Kahn!

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Colo Nord 1500.0 100.0 600.0 2200
Roleplaying +100

FX7325 aka Fox 1500.0 100.0 600.0 2200
Roleplaying +100

Kecht 1500.0 100.0 600.0 2200
Roleplaying +100

Rheg Stark 1500.0 100.0 600.0 2200
Roleplaying +100

Thoriss 600.0 100.0 600.0 1300
Roleplaying +100

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