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Star Rangers

Operation Brightface 2 - A Social Conscience - 5


In the Casious mining compound I Are you sure they went that way? Well the tracks are pretty clear. Maybe we should wait for those Rangers To return.


The team decided to take up the search for a noblewoman, her bodyguard, and a local guide. Fox rigged the sensors on the snowcat to do better with thermographics and life signs. Armed with a personal transponder code, they were quickly able to pinpoint her location about 50 kilometers out of town.

Loading up the cat, they made short work of the distance. They were on guard and on alert as they'd heard there might be a family group of blood worms. They didn't encounter any but they quickly found two bodies near a cave. They were the bodyguard and the guide. They found animal tracks leading away from their location and towards town.

Following them brought them to a mining shed. They quickly learned that there was no record of who used the animals which were mine property. The animals were present but yielded no clues.

Fox conducted a records search and came up with the name of a man who was suddenly ordering more and better food. They went to his apartment to investigate. When they announced themselves as Star Rangers, he fired a shotgun round through the door, then another.

Colo Nord kicked the door down as a crowd gathered and knocked the man out with a stunner. The crowd quickly turned on the group seeing them as interlopers trying to mess with one of their own. The company detective showed up and shot another man before he started throwing his weight around. Colo was having no part of it and arrested him too.

They found a map hidden in the man's room and convinced another miner to take them there. When they got there someone shot at them but then thought better of it when he realized there were five against one. He dropped his weapon and they saw the noble woman, Lady Jayne, was tied up behind him.

They freed her and arrested all three miners. When the company detective tried to make trouble, the local ranger leader came down and executed him and all three miners by firing squad.

The noblewoman rewarded them with 500 credits each.


Joe: Coming at him from the backside!

Joe: Considering what humans built you for, I wouldn't sleep either.

Joe: I am Sergeant Rheg Stark of the Star Rangers.

Rheg: No one wants to hear my song.
Others: We do.
Rheg: It's not long (Sings song)
Steve: Seems long to me.

Joe: Severed hand in sci-fi means someone met their daddy.

Tim: There was a great duel; they were both masters.
Steve: Sadly, they had brought swords to a gun fight.

Colo: Open up, it's the Star Rangers.
GM: (Shotgun blasts through the door)
Rheg: Well, he did open up.

Rheg: Is this woman gagged?
Steve: No, she just met you.

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Colo Nord 3800.0 250.0 450.0 4500
Roleplaying +250

FX7325 aka Fox 3800.0 250.0 450.0 4500
Roleplaying +250

Kecht 3800.0 250.0 450.0 4500
Roleplaying +250

Rheg Stark 3800.0 250.0 450.0 4500
Roleplaying +250

Thoriss 2900.0 200.0 225.0 3325
B-team +200

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