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Star Rangers

Spire in the Hole - 6


Word had reached the captain of the Vespa that an archeological dig team had disappeared with no distress call and no contact. He offered the Star Rangers the chance to investigate, although it was not required.


The group agreed to undertake the mission and son put down near the camp where the archaeologists had disappeared. They began investigating and found that the camp had been broken up and destroyed. Rheg found a footprint and began investigating, searching for more like it.

The other three moved to the ravine and began climbing down to the bridge which led to the spire. The ladder the scientists had installed was broken and as they used ropes to descend, Kecht spotted an odd hand print which turned out to be a pressure plate. The hand was humanoid and it turned out that only Colo's hand would work.

When he pushed the plate, door opened which led into a network of caves in the side of the ravine. The four of them regrouped and investigated, killing a pair of giant humanoids, rescuing a dog, and finding the remains of the cooked and eaten archaelogists. The caves let them out in the woods where they felt they were being watched.

Another trio of them were hiding in the woods, but they proved no match for the characters and their advanced technology, tactics, and magic.

They set up a site near the camp with a big fire and managed to draw more into an ambush where ship weapons made quick work of them.

Thinking they'd killed them all, they decided to investigate the spire. They again found a handprint which Colo used to open the spire. They investigated and quickly realized it was once a spaceship use by a race of giants. They were able to restore partial power and pull records, logs, and some other items from the ship.

As they made their way back, another group of giants attacked; this time there were three males, a pair of females and some children. They left the group with little choice but to kill all of them to ensure their own safe return to the Vespa.

They returned to the Vespa and made a report of their findings. The Vespa and her crew were invited to a formal dinner where the rangers received a cash honorarium and the Ranger Discovery Medal for Cultural Advancement.


GM: You find hobnailed oot prints.
Lou: Would we even be familiar with those?
GM: Still worn today
Tim: Joe's character is wearing them.
Joe: Yes, but my boots are made with real hob

Joe: I get down low and call the dog
Tim: It's not lunch!

Joe: Just one?
Tim: One's enough.
Joe: Great, it's hand solo.

Joe: I snap out my space stick and probe it.
Steve and Lou: You're space what?!

Tim: Couldn't you just make a shovel with your light?
Joe: It's a weazon, a noble weapon, not some common tool
Tim: No, you're the tool.

Tim: If it's dirty, I give it a bath.
Kristie Leaves

GM: These are the voyages of Vance Vandall.
Tim: We burn it, we burn it all now!
Joe: The only spaceship bought entirely with borrowed money.

GM: You're at a fancy ranger's dinner with heads of state and stuff.
Joe: If it's a ranger's dinner, I thought we'd all have to go off and make sure no one sees us eat.

The Spoils

10,000 credit honorarium for finding the ship and obtaining some records.

Ranger Discovery Medal for Cultural Advancement.

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Colo Nord 4500.0 175.0 2125.0 6800
Roleplaying +125
knocking giant off bridge +50

FX7325 aka Fox 4500.0 1050.0 0.0 5550
b- team bonus (guarding the ship) +1050

Kecht 4500.0 175.0 2125.0 6800
Roleplaying +125
stabbing it with your big brain +50

Rheg Stark 4500.0 175.0 2125.0 6800
Roleplaying +125
not eating the tasty dog +50

Thoriss 3325.0 175.0 2125.0 5625
Roleplaying +125
ships guns +50

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