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Star Rangers

The Big Ball - 7


Aboard the Vesk ship
And these girls are attractive?
They're attractive enough to fool a technomage.
Aren't those guys pretty smart?
Not when it comes to women; they don't get a lot of action.

Aboard Alexandra Station
Maybe we should tell him; he might help us.
I don't think so -- he's some kind of goody-two shoes and we're whores.


The players arrived at Alexanda Station to receive their medals and be honored for their scientific contributions. The medal ceremony went well and they were attending a ball afterwards when they received word that their teammate Thorris had been arrested for sabotaging one of the ship's stabilizers.

After asking, there was video and it appeared to show Thorris planting a bomb and triggering it. He walked away rapidly. The station's security team had already arrested him.

As they interrogated him, Kecht took a blood sample and did a toxicology screen which turned up the Lashunta version of ruffies. Meanwhile the other members of the team reviewed video footage and found two Lashunta women had been with Thorris earlier in the evening.

Facial recognition didn't find them on the station's roster, but they did turn up on a passenger manifest from a Vesk ship. One was still in the bar when Rheg Stark found her. After a brief brawl with her two Vesk handlers, Rheg and the surviving Vesk were arrested.

Based on what was known, station security boarded the Vesk ship and wound up taking a few prisoners when it turned out they were trading in sex slaves including the women who'd spent time with Thorris.

Later, a review of their log turned up plans to attack a hollow asteroid that served as home to rangers and their families nearby. There were 4000 people aboard. Radio contact was negative and the station's telemetry said the asteroid was in a failing orbit.

The team drew some equipment from the ship's armory and boarded the fastest ship hoping to arrive there in time to save at least some of the residents of the ranger station.


Joe: I offer to buy her a drink.
Steve: She should be flattered, he only does this once a year.

Vesk: Scram!
Joe: How'd you know my name, Jackson Graham.
Vesk: Not Graham, Scram!

Vesk: I stood up so I could slap you the way you deserve to be slapped.

Bartender: I can't believe a vesk and a human got into a fight over a lashunta woman.
Steve: Once you go bug, you never go back.

The Spoils

Draw from ship's stores of items up to level 6.

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Colo Nord 6800.0 175.0 525.0 7500
Roleplaying +175

FX7325 aka Fox 5550.0 175.0 525.0 6250
Roleplaying +175

Kecht 6800.0 175.0 525.0 7500
Roleplaying +175

Rheg Stark 6800.0 175.0 525.0 7500
Roleplaying +175

Thoriss 5625.0 175.0 525.0 6325
Roleplaying +175

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