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Star Rangers

Ball of Death - 8


At the Ranger Station
Hums, beeps, claxons

Aboard Alexandra Station
They're flying into an ambush!
Well, of course.


The team made a draw of equipment from the ship's armory and proceeded to the ranger base. When they arrived, they found the base's orbit was failing and, more importantly, the stabilizers were off which had resulted in a serious wobble. The wobble prevented them from docking a ship, so they were forced to use their space suits to enter the ship.

Once aboard, they made their way to engineering with the goal of stabilizing the ship. Fox and Colo focused on repairs while Rheg and Kecht dealt with threats. There were a couple of Vesk in engineering, but when Kecht revealed the power of his goddess one fell to the ground cowering and the other fled the area entirely.

Once the orbit was stabilized and the asteroid was in its normal attitude, Fox set off a proximity alarm indicating a collision ws imminent. He also turned on security cams and revealed that many of the base's residents were in the auditorium being bullied by Vesk reacting to the alarm.

The team moved there and made short work of the Vesk in the auditorium. They did let one leave as he appeared to be the crimson pirate and was helping the hostages. From the auditorium, they moved to the command center.

It didn't take long for them to clear the command center and restore the rangers to control of the station. Using some security tools they identified a single Vesk in the hanger bay and nine more in the dependent's quarters on deck 17. After a brief discussion, the captain sent his team to the hanger and the group down to deck 17.

It didn't take long for the Vesk on deck 17 to surrender or die and the characters were able to heal the sick and injured. The captain awarded them the goods from the pirates as part of their reward.

The crimson pirate was released on Colo Nord's word.


Colo: Oh ship debris, I thought Rheg did something.
Rheg: I'm already wearing space suit. Have tubes shoved in all the right places.

Rheg: We walk to the wobbly ends, they'll expect us to come to the middle.

Colo: I gracefully nudged him that way.
GM: There's nothing grateful about a Vusk.
Colo: I guess I sort of chucked him then.

Rheg: I like bandolier of grenades, plenty of things to throw and scares people.
Colo: What if it's a foam grenade?
Kecht: It doesn't really matter; they won't know until it goes off. They could all be foam, they'll still run.

GM: The tape is strong enough if you make a ladder, then zap it, you can climb it.
Colo: I tape him up, then taser him. Now I have a stool.

GM (as Vesk Captain): What are you doing to my ship?
Rheg: I am stabilizing it.
GM (as Vesk Captain): I want it destabilized for a reason.
Rheg: You're reason is stupid.

GM: His sword is all shimmery and stuff.
Kecht: I pull out my axe. It's all ceramicy and stuff.
Colo: It has a floral pattern
Kecht: No reason killing someone shouldn't be beautiful.

Rheg: I think his axe is named "healing".

Woman: Did you hear that father?
Rheg: Who is your daddy? And what does he do?

GM: He calls Rheg he's a traitor and a pig.
Kecht: We already knew he was a traitor and a pig.
GM: No, he's calling Joe that.
Kecht: I am pretending to misunderstand for comedic effect.

Fox: If a vesk hands you a grenade, are you sure it's safe?
Kecht: Maybe some Vesk, but not Rheg.

GM: You find a bag with a live baby in it.
Rheg: Does this belong to anyone?
GM: Woman runs out and sees Rheg with her baby. She faints.
Rheg: (I pick the woman up in my other hand) Do these belong to anyone?

The Spoils

Tim: Red Star Plasma Pistol

Lou: 800 creds

Everyone else: 3500 creds

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Colo Nord 7500.0 500.0 3200.0 11200
Sticking the Landing +50
Vouching for the good pirate +250
Delivering some ass-kicking +200

FX7325 aka Fox 6250.0 550.0 3200.0 10000
Good preparation +200
Good computer/ship use +300
Sticking the landing +50

Kecht 7500.0 500.0 3200.0 11200
Good preparation +200
Healing the crew and residents +300

Rheg Stark 7500.0 500.0 3200.0 11200
Good prep +200
Focused humor +300

Thoriss 6325.0 2500.0 0.0 8825
B-Team +2500

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