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Boys in the Wood

The general scope of the game is this is like the wild west meets fantasy world. There are cults, evil men, and demon worshippers aplenty. The West is over 85% unexplored and unknown. The justice/law system is modelled after the old west. There's a County Sherrif but he doesn't get all the places he needs to be, bribes, and those with money and power bend the system their way. Higher ranking nobles will left lower rank nobles fight amost themselves if it benefits them in some way.......many believe that the west holds ancient wealth and will do what ever they can to find. But on top of all the the Nobles present themselves in a regal manner, dimplomatic games are played, power struggles are fought by paper and subterfuge, rarely is there a great outbreak of forces clashes. In a lot of cases it's personal gain over some grand scheme.

The players are friends of Baron Vicktor, who got the job when his father was killed in a political plot. Now he struggles to keep his barony and sometimes calls on his old friends for help. To refer to us as Vicktor's Vindicators (or his Regulators) isn't that far off the mark.


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